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M.anifest Became Ralph Ellison On ‘Invisible Man’



On September 8 2016, rapper M.anifest released his fifth studio album, ‘’Nowhere Cool’’. Events surrounding the release of the album helped elevate ‘’Nowhere Cool’’ to the level of ‘most anticipated album’ for one key reason: curiosity following his battle with Sarkodie.

Last year, June 30th, M.anifest overtly called out Sarkodie, arguably Ghana’s best musical export in the last decade on ‘god MC’; a diss song that earned M.anifest both national attention and new fans. ‘god MC’ was considered by fans of Sarkodie as an act of drawing a line in the sand, with M.anifest assuming the crown as Sarkodie’s chief nemesis.

On the song ‘’god MC’’, he hinted: ‘Nowhere Cool is a game changer’. The collection of short stories (of the same name) by renowned author and poet Prof. Ama Ata Aidoo inspired ‘’Nowhere Cool’’, the album. The novel recounts the journey of a young woman who left the shores…

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Poetic State Of Mind



I will fight these demons,
There’s a voice in my head telling to stand,
It tells me to be a man, follow the plan,
Trust the process, take that chance,
That leap of faith but I swear I’m nervous,
I’m stuffed with these butterflies,
My eyes are watery, my vision is blurry,
Do I stand, do I kneel,
o I squat, do I heel?
My heart beats like sounds of the gong-gong
beater as and when a king speaks,
Palms sweaty,
Head racing,
Legs shaking,
I’m pacing up and down in this room like
‘God help me before I tick tick, click, clack

The bell rings,

The door opens,

The light beams,

I struggle to find focus,

Reality hits and it’s now or never,
Throwback Thursday’s screen and scroll
down in my brain,
I’m starting to wonder if this move is actually
Angel on my left says do it,
Devil on my right thinks I’m being stupid,
But they both agree that I’m foolish for wondering
about in Wonderland in this moment when my
name isn’t Alice,
Either-ways at this point I’m dumbfounded and
I snap back to attack before my heart backs down
in time,
I’m either taking this L or smash grabbing a flawless
victory, Lord my intestines,
I flip open this box and realize this is it,
,today on this Sunday at 12:46, I declare you as
my greatest mountain and I want to position my flag
at your summit,

it’s official I want us to be legit…

Poetic State Of Mind



Smell that?
That’s the breath of fresh air,
The dawn of a new day,
A new year and best be clear we’re continuing
on the path that leads us to why exactly we are here,
I am not talking about resolutions after all, we make
that year after year with no implementation,
I am not talking about New Year, new me, who this,
turning over new sheets,
I am talking about a year of actions without hesitation,

You made it past 365 about a minute ago and already
you are here ripping through someone for possessing
things you don’t own,
Actions you will never be able to atone for,
Lives that are braggadocious, instead of placing emphasis
on yours, where’s your focus?

We’re here in 2018 to bounce off blueprints,
The dreams will be built if positivity + our energy and drive
is unison,
I am trying to tell you we’re going to elevate from princes and
princesses to actual Queens and Kings,
It sounds like a Sunday sermon but it is really just a PSA for the
brothers and sisters who are grinding Day to Day to make that
Cedi rain,
That love you seek is what you want but God is shelving that to
provide you with what you need,
What’s validation if you believe you’re not the finished article
and your imperfections will superiorly supersede those 300likes
on IG?

You are a limited edition,
You are built different,
Your uniqueness is an invaluable trait so before you decide to
take your life away imagine what lengths your prodigy who
idolizes you is going through to be you at his or her stage,
The hurdles will come but we’ll jump higher,
The walls will grow thicker but we’ll break them harder,
Blow for blow, fire for fire, through fences and wires we’ll retire
the year rather than hit the canvas with our hands and heads
held higher,

We will aspire,
We will conquer,
We will desire,
We will not surrender,
This year unlike the years of past ages we will ran the races and
every phase will face our greatness,

Smell that fresh air,
The world is ready so you know it is time to show up,
Time to detonate that bomb,

2018…it’s your time to blow up!

Poetic State Of Mind



These walls…
These walls seclude my thoughts,
They house every ounce of pain my brain is hostage to,
These walls tell me everyday that life has a beginning but as to where it ends no one is privy to,
Coming from the down under my spurt hasn’t been a bed full of roses,
My growth almost stunted at every turn of the year because I chose to live life with no brake pedals and no rear mirror,
They molded me though these walls,
Lessons of sins and confessions,
Acceptance and forgiveness,
Hail Mary’s and canticles, when pressed I surrendered because these walls knew my strength,

Behind these walls my enemies laid, behind my enemies walls my siege mentality took shape,
To break past these walls my yoke would first have to break but I am ready AF,
I am about to hatch open into something great,
When no one gives a toss and throws bricks, these walls stand firm like Seth, the Dean Reigns with the Shield like hands of De Gea on the field,
Blinded with the veil of unsealed openings I am made aware of the snakes waiting to poke their heads in,
Waiting to sink their teeth in, rip in, till their venom leaves me staring grimacing at the murals on the ceiling,

The feeling is I can never shake the pressure of being great,
Can never balance the power of saving grace and being the devils advocate so I weigh the pros and cons respectively whilst these walls hold me strong but for how long will I hold steady?
For how long will these walls protect me?
My self destruction is an ego trip away and I pray the gods from Nzulezu and God come to an amicable understanding to the final resting place of soul come what may,
I pray my children cherish these walls like their mother did,
When the walls in my lungs cake and split I pray these walls fuel their fire and grits to tell the whole world about how much their dad was the sh*t!



Poetic State Of Mind



I did what I had to even if I wasn’t supposed to,
Burnt bridges to get my message across so you wouldn’t feel this was a lost cause,
In the moment I sank 10ft just to find an open,
Just to create the vacuum so that we can find the room to blossom,
You were only concerned about chitty-chatters,
Your self esteem was in tatters,
My confidence was at its lowest but somehow I found the courage to stay on 10 toes, find focus and keep going,
You were all I ever wanted,
In my eyes, you were the Cinderella with the red bottom glass slipper I had always wanted to flaunted,
Haunted by your history with bad hombres and abusive activities,
Like you’re shitting me right now when you say you don’t deserve a life rid off drama but full of tranquility,
Easily I could have walked away with a resentful taste,
Easily I could have wished you a 100 years of burden and pains but I care for that little girl inside you that’s burdened with rage,
When you selfishly neglected my hi’s, hey’s all in the name of not catching feels,
Every other day your replies were sweet on the surface but deep with the tone of “Lord I can’t deal”,
I made the attempts to help you crossover the bridge into a new day,
A new age, can’t say I didn’t attempt to help you enough but you’re so grounded and deep being stuck in your ways,
When you finally appreciate the number of ways I could have loved you it might be too late,
Give your boy some credit, can’t say I never tried,
In your eyes I was never in the race, never mind being in first place…

Poetic State Of Mind



Thankful for all the blessings,
Thankful for all the pain,
Blessed to see the sun today even though yesterday
I felt the heat of the rain,
The world is constantly triggered,
Bullets of truth from the revelations being shot at
us right from the heavens,
An atheist smirks and asks “what are you smoking?”
A Peace pipe offering and I’m hoping that his mind
is somewhat open,

Religion divides us in truth,
Patrick can’t seem to find the prudence in having a
truce with Abdul,
For him every attack is due to IS’es but constantly
contradicts himself when it comes to pointing fingers
in the eyes of the callous Christians,
We blatantly ignore the posts and signs,
Speed through life because we lack the patience to
Take away our lives because there’s less pressure in
death than staying alive,
Because we would rather rest in piece than rest-in

A wife loses her husband in the chaos of a war,
What debts of crime does she owe to this world?
Words of consolation salted and peppered with
feelings of negligence and ignorance,
Feelings of apathy, insignificant and degradable
apologies coming from a bitter orange, sour grape,
smack talking tangerine,

We’re living in fear,
My daughter is yet to be born but I can see her
already asking daddy where has the world gone?
Corporations taking the piss at our identity,
I will be damned if my black queen saw the light
in their exploitative fuckery,
My melanin is richer than gold so tell me why I
need to adjust the contrast on my tone when I’m
expensive as shit though?
How do I explain to the invalid down the street
that he has the power to achieve the dream?
With no hands and no arms but he has the power
to dream,
The vision may be lost on the surface but the soul
lies within,
You can choose to bottle your emotions or channel
your inner dracerys with no f’s given,

We all aspire to be history makers and in our right
we ought to feel the need to be,
Like George Opong Weah from bare feet, to laced
boots and now suited for the political scene,
Like the kid from Pata who teamed with a Thursday
gyata to take Africa to the world,
Pardon me,
Like the kid from Pata who teamed with a Thursday
gyata to take Accra to Paris,

We are some visionaries our parents are yet to
Gone are the days of the pencil, we pen our destinies
and free our frustrations in order to find zen,
We’re descendants of Mugabe and Ghaddafi,
Probably because we’d rather manage our affairs
than have others soak our gari,
I’m speaking to that prince who’s on the verge of
The system is a trip but life’s an evolutionary school
so keep learning,
To that princess who endeavors to stay in a shell,
There’s no ceiling to the heights that you can reach
so shine bright baby girl,
To my Kings we are alpha males,
We’re supposed to handle our business regardless of
the fails,
To my queens without you where would our pride
and energy be?
Be consistently the fuel for our steam but be free to
boss your way to whatever you desire to be,

Time is indefinite and we have nothing to lose,
It’s never too late to brew up a storm,
Be unapologetic, keep it 100 and stay true to you…

Poetic State Of Mind



All my life I knew,
That there was a meaning to this course,
Of course it’s love all coarse in the beginning,
When you’re searching in the deep ends
but can’t seem to find the answers,
Do you swim back?
Do you let go and let your heart fold or do
you persistently bob and weave with your back against the ropes?
See I was a victim of lost hope,
Spirit 6ft deep ready to join Michael, Bob and Whitney..I couldn’t
seem to find my way,
And then you came my way,
With your ‘men are trash’ logic but you bost my brain so I was
definitely going to fight for you to bear my last name,

I found happy,
She is beautifully made,
She sees me for who I am but she loves me for what I stand,
Loves me for what I can do, she believes in the plan and it doesn’t
matter whichever queer obstacles come in between it, she’s the fan
to my furnace when I need it,

The most unique thing about her is the fact that she stays true to
the principles that made her,
Same principles that gave her a purpose and drive to fight the
stigma of adjusting her beautiful imperfections; to fit in in a world
that lacks authenticity when it comes to remorse and forgiveness…
If I must confess I love how she finesses the bullshit like a true goddess…

I found happy,
She’s beautifully made,
Who knew a man like me could be blessed to infinity with something so
close to perfection,
I am on a knee stressing because Lord knows I don’t deserve this gift,
this blessing,
Yesterday I took her to a quiet place,
Stared at her and realized in the midst of despair and confusion I had
found grace,
Willing to speak but my mind was still at race,
All types of butterflies and bees, but when I finally gathered steam this
is what I had to say,

I don’t ask for much,
Just your love and trust,
Trust in the process even when we thrust,
Put your faith in me and I swear you won’t have a reason to board a 4am
I can’t give you everything,
But I promise on everything I will give you the best version of love that
will never end,
I will go through hell for your soul,
Go through pain just to see us grow,
Seal this thing we have with a ring,
Honor and fight for our love till the very end,

She said yes after all of this,
I found happy and she is one badass bitch,
She is a fighter,
One too legit to quit for what she feels and that resonates every time we
She is beautifully made and I’m proud to be her soulmate…