Poetic State Of Mind

African Woman…

From the land through which milk n honey flows,
Lies a beauty with a skin shinier than gold,
She’s a queen who holds the world as her throne,
Intelligent & hardworking..her dependency is much more
desired..she’s got her own,
She’s a woman of substance..the earth embraces her at her feet,
Smart talking lips..her style is not sophisticated yet absolutely unique,
She’s decent..never compromises her moral values but stands for her beliefs,
She’s a lady in her appearance..but never scared to take it to the streets,
She’s driven by the passion of success..winning is her only goal,
She bears in her womb..the fruit of life for which she sows,
A motivator by all recognition..she’s the voice of the downhearted,
A mother with an establish mission..to bestow on her children the golden values
that were left but never departed,
A warrior in the eyes of the many who dare to cross her..she fears no one,
Born with a heart of a lion..step 2 her..@ your own peril n her wrath will
surely come,
However she’s sweet,
Her soft spoken words like her profile..gentle yet full of good deeds,
She’s a mother with hope..a sister with asking for,
An aunt with a motherly hold..a grandmother of rich folklore,
Today we hold in high esteem..the gifted,talented and full of purity,
African woman..the definition of strength,intelligence and true beauty…


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