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May 22nd 1988, a baby developed out of a fetus came into the world..His birth was pretty much significant and a blessing. 10yrs and 5 attempts later..attempt number 6 finally proved successful after the birth of  his brother. Akwaaba..Welcome..this right here ladies and gentlemen to me is more than just a blog,
its a real-time documentation of the person behind every word that is being typed
right about now..An evolution of the boy growing into a man, his thoughts, his opinions,
visions, insight to his life. A  roller coaster of events that define the individual..ME!

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It’s weird how we evolve into the kind of specimen that we are presently. We develop from a single egg, into a baby and POOF! just like magic we become boys, girls subsequently developing into men and women. What is more intriguing about this development is the mental me EVOLUTION starts right here…

You see, from birth our thoughts are more of compared to a bare land that’s suitable for plant growth but needs to be worked on using proper required farming processes…Just like the bare land, the mind evolves depending on the training that its given. As we grow and evolve physically, our minds too as well evolve, based solely on the environment in which we’re brought up. It’s no surprise that a person’s attitude can be contributed to the neighborhood that the person grew up in and not necessarily the home that he or she grew up in. Therefore you could have a child rebel whose parents may possess a strong Christian, disciplined background. In this case, when the child fails to possess those same characteristics, its not entirely the parents fault because really, when you measure the number of people in a neighborhood that’s less of your character and more of a rogue, rebellious type, TRUST ME, the odds are stacked against you. Matters only become torrid when you deny the child of his or her basic freedom..that is, freedom to move about without having necessarily to worry about whether he or she knows the difference between whats right and whats wrong. If the child is trained and taught to know the difference between GOOD & BAD, the only word that becomes a problem after is CURIOSITY!

Moving on..its safe to say that along with the growth process is a much more stronger mental evolution. Awareness, reasoning, perception, and ability to absorb info increase @ a steadily, sometimes rapid speed. Habits of the yesteryear’s may have been dropped and newer ones may have been developed either for the good or the bad of the individual. But in any case, the evolution process is a total mind blowing experience that mostly occurs unknowingly within us. A pure testament to this fact is that of the cave man who unknowingly or unconsciously performed certain acts which later served as concepts for inventors and historians and have now due to advancements in technology been modernized into simpler methods for our comfort. The question I pose however today is, how would the world have been without this sort of mental evolution? Have we harmed ourselves with some of the results or products out of this mental evolution?For example the invention of bombs, guns and other heavy artillery. Education is what most people say have brought us this far but in reality even the concept behind education was as a result of a mental evolution. In one way or the other there are still many who lack the sort of evolution that has brought us this far, to the 21st Century for that matter but really when you sit down and analyze everything that’s happening round us, could things really get any more worse??


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