Poetic State Of Mind


Words are inconceivable when it comes to you,
Yes..you my queen,
You who has turned my old,weak dejected heart into new,
I can think of a thousand names to call you,
A million more..as my thoughts turn into your view,
You look exceedingly beautiful,
More than yesterday,better than tomorrow..there is none
comparable to you,
Today I look into your eyes,
With no pains,no regrets..but with tears I cry,
I cry because of what you mean to me,
You built me up..when my heart was full of nothing but broken
pieces and debris,
You love me for who I am..and not what I have,
On this day may our hearts be perfectly bound together in two
Leave a path full of roses..and chances are..they’d lead me to your
Leave a dozen heart shapes..and chances are..we’d never be apart,
Leave a room full of kisses..and chances are..we’d make sweet love
from sunrise to sunset,
Leave a room full of yourself..and I know..I’ve got the greatest gift
God ever sent…


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