Poetic State Of Mind

Feb. 14th. Vanity Street..

Dear Valentine,
Good morning today,
Feb. 14th is it?..oh ‘Happy B’day’,
However my heart bleeds n my souls pissed,
Love is blind..n now I’m so sick of it,
How does love cripple a soul..n then leaves it in the cold,
Thought cupid was the love guru..well i guess he shot the wrong
I’m tired of love letters..roses n daisy’s,
Tired of candle-lit dinners..box of chocolates n canaries,
The color red has never been meant 4 love..only meant 4 danger,
I should have been aware of this from the minute that i met
that stranger,
So here now i sit..with a bottle of wine..drinking to the pain
within me,
Misery’s now my best friend..what i perceived as love..is a total
Mama told me some days would come when I’d have 2 shed a tear,
Those days r here..but the pain of loving someone has filtered
my sane atmosphere,
And so 2day i say goodbye to love..the sweetest thing that’s cruel,
The one thing that i fell for..the one thing that I thought was true,
No more candy-kisses..no more in-between the sheets games,
A love lost in the end..a happiness well gained..


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