Poetic State Of Mind


Floating in the stream of this dark world I swim

in the quest to find my true identity,

Reality far from truth..seems everybody else sees

mirages..persona’s of nonentities,

Alone in a place..cold..filled with racists,

Even my own black brothers & sisters try to slay

me for questioning whose place this is,

Seems like just yesterday i was on the streets searching for manna,

A wish perhaps..in the most unconventional manner,

Today I sit in a room full of colossal gurus,

Fast thinkers, sharp minders..idealists & people i

used n still look up to,

They say the sky’s the limit..but i like to think

my Nike’s push me way above cloud 9,

My wrist is list..alarms ringing..telling me its my time,

Should I fail?..how can I?

Beyond reasonable doubt I made it through the hard knock life,

instigate my downfall?I’d love to see a nigga try,

Physically I was built to withstand the hard knocks,

Mentally..i was blessed with these words to produce surprises and

cos some really heavy shocks,

Firmly grounded..my mind-state’s full of happy days,

With the Lord’s guarantee..failure is neither my protege nor my place,

A kiss goodbye to the life I once knew,

Reckless, homeless, to the dirty jobs that made my emotions shed a

tear and my heart feel blue,

I rose from ashes burnt but never diffused to dust,

The throne is where my pride & dignity remain..RULE THE WORLD WITH



2 thoughts on “Destined..

  1. Nana Kofi says:

    charley rydee u dey on some professional level. i’m not ass kissing. u shd take this thing to another level cuz u are that gud. what bi the meaning of cloud 9 tho

    • Thank You..”Cloud 9″ is an idiomatic expression which means over excitement, happiness, elation. In the context that I use it here..all I’m trying to say is although the sky is the limit..I’m searching for more than just success..I’m searching for a measure of satisfaction, something much more profound than just the joy and elation that I’ll attain out of the level of success that I’m bound to reach..

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