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Making moves..This year has already been stated as a year of action. Which means reacting to all chances and opportunities that come our way. Yes, ALL CHANCES & OPPORTUNITIES. Some of us may not like to admit that last year we failed to take some chances and great opportunities that came our way. Of course, the obvious reasons for these were lack of confidence and yep your guessed it FEAR. The four letter word that seems to disrupt our psyche and flow of constant positive thinking. What we must bare in mind is that FEAR is that mind state that really sets itself and detonates by itself once it sets firmly in your brain. It’s an action which causes a reaction of panic and with all honesty
if u should carefully analyze it,you’d realize that the sort of levels to which it takes the human being up to really shouldn’t be affecting our state of mind but why is it happening then? Coz we’re allowing it to. To look @ a job which perfectly suits your appeal and later have uncertainties about it is just a way of saying to FEAR “Hello, walk right in” when it knocks @ your door. We must live outta fear this year. Be bold in taking up those chances that come our way whether they make us or they break us. U can never be too sure about the profitability of an opportunity unless u have taken it. To all chances and opportunities of course are successes and failures. The fact that u failed in one opportunity does not mean you’re going restrict yourself when another one immediately comes your way because in reality think about it, what if your best and golden shot of making strives towards your goal, dream or heart desire is the one that u rather let go thinking it had a high potency for your downfall?? You have the power to rule the world.Your ideas, passion and desire to work is there but can’t be put into work because you’ve allowed FEAR to kidnap those attributes you possess. Remember that God does not make mistakes. He gave you a brain and a gift that must be used to its full potential. He also gives you dreams to use those two to propel yourself towards your goals and not only positively change lives but also give you the human being a level of self satisfaction. BE CONFIDENT & DARING!! TAKE THAT OPPORTUNITY IN FRONT OF U & TAKE IT NOW!!!Let the word FEAR be an impotent 4-letter word which will have no significant bearing on your actions…STAY POSITIVE!!!


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