Poetic State Of Mind

A Devil In Disguise…

She walks past me everyday,
Hair tied in a pony tail with her frame-less glasses
on her face,
Eyes hazel..lipstick red,
Her beauty is like no other that i’ve seen on this earth,
Her smile reveals her dimples on her cheek,
Her body..slender..soft from her shoulders down to her feet,
She spoke few words.. a sign that meant she was reserved,
Her cool calm nature mystified my thoughts..a fact that
had me perturbed,
But there’s something i’m missing,
she’s too good to be true..or i’m i just tripping,
My curiosity became intense,
I had to find out..for this feeling was keeping me in suspense,
I asked her on a date..she accepted with no delay,
As she turned 2 walk away..she looked back n with a grin
whispered..”I can’t wait”,
In front of her door..ready n willing to go,
The door opened..my heart in my mouth..my mind in limbo,
there she stood..a complete facade of what i’d been seeing
she looked sweeter than usual..in a stunning red dress that
was top draw,
As we drove off to our location i couldn’t help but to stare,
Her ravishing look was so unreal..here i was caught in despair,
We took to the floor after we dined,
She said she wanted a lil’ bump n grind,
Her hands round my neck..mine round her waist,
She swirled her body in a manner like a snake,
Her eyes n mine met..the passion grew stronger,
She whispered in my ear..”Lets Go”..she couldn’t take it any much
Back to her apartment we made..walked her to the door,
Grabbed my hand tightly as we went up to the top floor,
The elevator opened..her room right in front of it,
she took me in..locked the room..leaned over n gave me a kiss,
My heart tried to resist..but to no avail,
Reality soon hit me faster than a rock hitting a boat on a sail,
Miss goody too shoes was not meant to be,
Her appearance was just temporary..my feelings exactly,
That night we tossed n turned,
She moaned..she yearned,
She gripped onto the sheets,
I touched her soul..Her heart never skipped a beat,
A complete turn of events..here i was a slave to desires,
All nyt we made love to the sounds of earth,wind and fire,
Morning came..i couldn’t remember a thing,
A note on the bed said..”you’re my best loved sin”,
Without a trace she was gone..i was left with no pride,
She’s was neither a trick nor a treat..but a devil in disguise..


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