Poetic State Of Mind

My Place Is Not Here…

My place is not here (2x),

From a mist of shadows creeping from the rear,

I find myself alienated to a land that’s bare,

A place full of wretched, evil and despair,

A place full of people who have no joy nor regrets,

emotionally unattached, heartless and just don’t care,

To think this was once my home,

To think our fore fathers fought slavery just to possess

this land so they could pass it onto us that we may call it

our own,

Injustice has proved again to be successful in causing a

detrimental downfall,

My heart bleeds profusely,

Africa..she speaks..but her sons & daughters greed means

her speech’s bound to hit a brick wall,

Their greed speaks in volumes,

our minerals and resources misused and vacuumed,

For lack of reasoning, we kill each other for expressing

our thoughts,

Freedom of speech..but we fail to practice what we are


Our morals flow like waste..down the kitchen sink drain,

In the eyes of a family is the suffering of an innocent

man battered to death, their hearts are filled with

trauma & pain,

We know the gurus,

The political scene filled with corruption..a whole lot of


Power hungry leaders..rubbish the idea of a peaceful coalition,

Thirsty for the drink of their own self interest..they suck into

the blood of the people..they lack ambition,

But Karma has it ways and they shall surely pay,

For the days of the youth that have been filled with gloom shall

be reversed through their wisdom & they shall emancipate from

the dark age,

Lord bless the one’s who keep fighting on,

Those who look to the past as tomorrow’s darkest secret, so live in

the present to correct the wrongs,

So I walk silently away and stare back @ the place from a distance,

Tear drops trickle down my face..all i have is faith that my prayers

will be answered without hesitance,

My eyes see carnage, but my heart feels like a stranger to this place

i call a death trap,

Will the show continue..and end on a happily note..or will the curtains

close and the director of our judgment yell “It’s a WRAP!”


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