Suave 24/7 - 365


Look, Listen, Analyze & Digest…These are the four keywords you need today tackle the pressures of life. We all have our split second of madness when a decision has to be made but it is advisable to apply these four words in the heat of the moment. It might be debatable to say in the heat of the moment the mind is locked in a fierce duel to choose a stance, but not all circumstances demand that duel. What we have here in reality is a moment of panic. You see you must look @ life as the art of crocheting. You must be able to knit through those loop holes with intricacy and accuracy. Have you ever noticed that people who normally involve themselves in this past time or activity do it under no stress nor pressure? The reason is because the activity demands less pressure but more calmness and tolerance and this is the way we must treat life. Less pressure, more calmness and tolerance. Many have fallen due to their inability to take life one step @ a time. They fail to look for the answers to life’s hardest moments, listen to the past experiences of
of those who’ve been caught up in such daunting, difficult moments, analyze their own strengths in regard to what faces them @ that moment and to digest at that moment alternatives which can help ease the complexity of the situation @ hand. The race to the finish is not one that must be compared to the feats of the Usain Bolts, nor the Tyson Gaye’s. If anything, it must be compared to that of the Haile Gebrselassie’s, moderate, steady pace but with enormous efficiency and effort. It helps to smile also when caught up in that moment. You may not realize this but the best form of relaxation when the mind is caught under pressure is to smile.  Yes, it is. You see, when you’re caught in that moment of panic, you’re filled with anxiety, a sudden rush of blood enters into your brain, confusion, paranoia and the likes are to follow. As a result, you fail to reason and make the situation much more complex than it appears.
Smiling helps to ease the tension in the brain, it soothes the brain and more
importantly, sets the mind back to a state of normality. The point I’m trying
to make in a nutshell is, take each battle as they come and do not feel pressured
to step out of your way to get through those obstacles while keeping the principles
in mind. Let those four words be your pass for the flight to atonement.


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