Poetic State Of Mind

Lemme Acknowledge U..

The world is mine  the city is yours,

Baby lets make a duet then conceive and transform to fours,

My angel..white as the snow in winter,

Love your so imperfectly perfect..in your eyes I found love which makes u glitter,

Lets take a walk down the beach,

Hold hands romance and have sand all over our feet,

Love you’re so unique,

You’re a goddess..and as we grow 2getha no matter the weather our love would

definitely get better n our hearts will 4eva be joined n complete,

Metaphors r hard to come by,

I wrote this in dedication of u but yet feels like I’m singing to u a lullaby,

Watching u sleep brings tears to my eyes,

U bring out the inner “emo” in me..your beauty triggers what I never knew I had..

my soft side,

Lemme acknowledge u today,

Open the door..take your shoes off..cook for u and feed u cos u deserve to be

treated this way everyday,

Love i cant resist complaints,

But wen we argue I love it cos we always end up in a 4play,

You’ve been there from the start..sometimes I wonder..how strong is your heart?

To die in this cruel world alone and not have u by my throne is a life totally blown apart,

I declared my heart to u months ago..months later we’re reaping the fruits of your labor,

Love today let us savor, The joy of us being blessed and seen in the light of Gods favor..


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