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The Art Of Misconception..

The art of misconception..Many of us are guilty for falling into this mind state,judging the book by its cover & misinterpreting quotes without really analyzing the situation. We tend to condemn the scene, quote or person who seems to appear be4 us. When when we make haste decisions or judgments like those, we fail to see the heart of the situation. We look @ things in a subjective view standpoint rather than an objective view standpoint, which means what may be right in nature will be perceived as wrong and that perception will hold & affect decisions made subsequently. A typical example is singling out a flaw in a person’s attribute and using that to base your decision on how the person really is in nature. You just DON’T do that. What in essence you’re doing here is, you’re not looking to find out who the person really is. It’s like making a sauce or stew and just by looking at the surface of it condemning it to be bad without tasting it. You’re failing to have a reason or feeling that the person could have positive traits or attributes that make him an even better person than maybe was subjected to. This mind state causes a lot of’s the reason for withdrawal in approaches pertaining to job, relationships and life choices. Thus the reason, why people lack confidence in taking jobs that under normal circumstances may either be very easy to approach but difficult to handle due to perception made about the nature of people who work there or seem to advanced but can be handled but due to the lack of belief in one’s self ability. It’s a negative mindset which has no cure..the mind is more powerful in such situations & the heart is more of a spectator that just follows. 1st opinions usually fall victim to this mind state..and its sad to say..irrational thinking leads to the acceptance of this opinion, similar to the example I just made. So before you look at a situation, an action, or a scene and condemn it as “dead”, remember that there are positives that are coated & unseen. Observe truthfully with your heart, look beyond that outer layer covering, You’ll be amazed to find out the possibilities that can come out of them. Also before your misconceive that quote, statement or speech..put a lot of thought and reasoning into it..connect those dots properly, lose u might end up with a crooked line of view..when the view is actually straight..think about it..


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