Poetic State Of Mind

Wifey Material..

I’m falling for her..cud this b true?
Is she my brown-sugar or a recipe set 2 make me feel blue?
She’s something else..most definitely she is,
Here I was thinking of being a Catholic Priest..a claim that
sounds nothing but a mere bliss,
she dropped out of the sky..no,
Morphed her way into my heart..no..heavenly sent..maybe so,
She’s there to support in times of hardship,
There’s no better way to describe her love..much more than just friendship,
she’s the daughter of a well brought-up home,
Her persona speaks volumes that are hardly rare to own,
She’s the kind your parents adore,
The kind that your siblings well wished they were like n so much more
She’s a good lover..she loves so well,
Good with the kids..she knows wen she gotta yell,
Put me in my place..her caring is so deep,
She treats me good..so i sweep her off her feet,
Her cooking’s like no other..call her “chef baby-mama”,
I need not even bother..cos we make up right after the usual drama,
She’s the sweetest thing I can call love,
Her love’s as rich n pure as a white-golden beaked dove,
She got it all..yes she’s str8 from the core..a perfect criteria,
Mon bel amour,vous êtes l’un j’adore..the 1 I call WIFEY MATERIAL..


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