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The Extra Mile..

There comes a time when you just want to give up at a quest or search or goal. You feel like you’ve given all that your body and mind that has to offer and so you decide to quit. Time and time people find their selves in this situation and truth be told, they give up too easily but yet claim to have given their best shot. Trust me, there comes a time when best just isn’t enough. You need more than your best and that can’t be found in your strength nor your mind but rather from your soul. You see, attaining success depends largely on the extent of how much of a gutsy performance you produce. A lot of times we may feel like we’re putting in a lot of effort into achieving or finding that pot of gold but in reality we’re only putting out 20-30% of effort into it and you’ll never be aware of it until you have said those 2 dreadful words.”I QUIT” One must note that it doesn’t matter how mentally or physically strong your mind is, you’re never going to win if your heart isn’t big enough to carry on the extra weight that will be aiming to bring you towards your failure. Like I said…it takes a gutsy performance to cross that finish line and natural skills or strengths won’t give you that. Thus, you must be willing and prepared to go that extra mile. You must be able to step up to the plate and show that full character…reach beneath the tank and pull out that extra fuel even you did not know you had. It’s a fact that you don’t know the levels to which the body’s workforce can go and in times of trials, these are the best times to test those levels. There are so many examples that can be derived out of this but let me use a rare example just to explain this. Tiger Woods is the golfing world best player up to date. He may have dipped in form in the past yr or so but his achievements and play are attributes that one can arguably say are far more superior to his fellow golfing competitors. Two yrs ago, Tiger was playing in a tournament, on the final day, on the final hole. He needed to sink an 13ft birdie to win the tournament. His form till that tournament had not been the best, so of course there was a 50/50 possibility that he was going to miss that birdie. What did he do? After not playing his best rounds of golf during the tournament, against all odds to the neutrals and the few of his supporters, he AMAZINGLY sunk that birdie to win the tournament. This example depicts one thing and that is, you may be performing under par in general, but if you can dig within yourself and go that extra mile, rise to the occasion, even the most difficult tasks will be made to look easy. Nothing, I repeat NOTHING is beyond your reach so long as you’re prepared to go the 9 whole yards to get it. So today I urge you to put in not a 100% but beyond that to reach that goal, aim or success. You have the power and ability to do it. That power and ability is coated in a flame that burns greatly within the heart and soul. USE IT!


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