Poetic State Of Mind

Virtuous Vixen…

How do I describe her?
How do I define beauty that causes to or more to stop and stare?
Where do I start?how do I begin?
My every thought beams with a smile on..my heart refuses to beat
..my breath fails to release from within,
From the tender age of 6..she was dubbed as an angel,
Born in a family struggling..her life was some what painful,
Hardships as they came 1 by 1 were vicious & detrimental,
Yet she stood by he faith..the Lord’s book to her success was instrumental,
She is showered with intelligence,
Her desire to reach out to others is manifested through her benevolence,
An epitome of beauty..with a heart full of gold,
A young black proud woman..standing above her critics..tall and bold,
She accepts her shortcomings as they are,
To her..the truth is never a step too far,
In the eyes of us and many..her love’s all we wish for..and she’s a shooting
Her bigheartedness is exceptional and always above par,
She’s grazed with glorious beauty,
Though her every gesture or posture speaks of true elegance..she never excuses
herself when called on duty,
Do not be fooled by her calmness..for she possesses a strong-willed heart,
Her humility..you may toy with..but her soul tougher than concrete..you could never
rip apart,
Sell her body for a penny..she’d forever resist,
For her body’s the Lords temple..she’d forever avoid going against her principle
..only to end up in the devils fiery pit,
Her children as well as others yearn to be as decent as her,
They yearn to gather knowledge from her wisdom and derive inspiration from her
gorgeous flare,
A mother to the young..teenage & old,
A teacher always @ service to breed her student into being one of her own,
A leader ready to inspire & lead her followers into life’s bitterest colds,
A Virtuous Vixen..a woman blessed with an inseparable amount of pride & dignity
..raised from a humble, courteous and distinguished home…


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