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The Gift Of Life..

The Gift Of Life. How many of us wake up thankful for our lives, honestly? There’s a difference between acknowledging the fact you are awake and still have the breath of life in you and waking up to say “God Thank You”. The difference here is PURPOSE! Must have a purpose for being thankful and that obviously is because of your life. It’s funny how some people take life on in the most unusual ways and when they face trouble, that is when God’s name comes in. God loves His children no doubt about that but He’s no fool bear in mind. He’s put you here for a purpose and it’s your obligated right to do as such. Of course you can’t tell easily what your purpose is and that’s why we seek direction from Him through communication. Many of us fail and lack that kind of communication that is required to be directed by God to find our purpose. We eat, we dance, we sleep and we make merry all because we have life and are blessed with wealth in our families and in some cases by ourselves individually. Yet we fail to forget who made it possible for all this to happen. When you take a trip down to villages beyond the city, you would realize that you should be thankful for the life that you have. People over there find it hard to get 3 square meals a day and shelter and clothing is a problem that has arguably grown accustomed to them. Looking at the world today, we have disasters that have rocked cities and nations. Disasters that when you try to envision happening in the area where you live is quite unbearable. People lose lives every day if not every minute, second or hour without having fulfilled their purpose here on earth. This is a sad predicament considering that those same people may have been gifted with special abilities to help their community or better still, change the world. That is why we are reminded each day to be thankful for life. Thankful for those around us, and those whose support are highly needed every single moment that passes us by. It is true that when a branch of a tree is cut, the tree is not completely dead because it has the other branches to still support it but some branches are beneficial to the stability of growth, or beauty of the tree. For example the branch that alone bears fruit. Once it’s cut, its no more and there’s nothing quite painful than having regrets of not tasting its content. Some people also try to live beyond their means, a kind of living I strongly detest. God grants life and everything in it, you must remember that. He lays the blueprint for us to follow, going contrary to what He’s laid is more of like saying, “You know what, I think I’ll build this house my way rather than following the plan”. It’s funny people don’t really seem to understand that, this blueprint is automatic, it’s already been set and attached to our lives and drifting away from the plan will not grant you any benefits. God is not going to punish you for drifting away, no He won’t but I’ll tell you what’s going to happen. Your life will automatically take the bad turn and you’ll start falling into situations that will take a HUGE mighty fall to realize how shallow and stupid you may have been. If you’re living within a value of 10ghc a day, live with that. The One who gives, is the One who multiplies, nothing less, nothing more. Sakawa might multiply your wealth but surely it won’t grant you happiness in the long run. Search for everlasting happiness within God our Father. Realize that, it’s only His happiness that can bring You joy, wealth and all other blessings. This is not a preaching but a word of an advice. It’s better I gave it to You knowing that unconsciously I was delivering a message that God wanted me to deliver rather than keeping it within myself and just allowing life to pass me by.

Finally, learn to live in contempt. Do not try to compare yourself to that of people who may have worked a long time to achieve the status their in now because for all you know, they passed through non-legit, nonreligious and sacrificial means to get there and of course to those who did make it through the right means, learn from their hustle, their dedication, their hard work and apply those principles. Not their methods, but their principles because in this world as we know it, principles are the stepping stones that propel us to GREATNESS! Be honestly thankful to God today and ask Him for that direction because He will put you on that right path to fulfilling your purpose! Besides, you never appreciate or value a life, until its gone and you’ll never be able to appreciate yours when you’re you’re gone.


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