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Live The Moment..

Live the moment. The world keeps rotating and the seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months and years keeping passing us by. The world is in continuous motion and the time with it is not waiting for anyone. It’s not waiting for you, me or nobody else. As such, we as human beings must realize to live in the moment than to waste precious time lamenting over the past or pondering deep into what the future may hold for us. We must let go of those doubts and mistakes for they do not have any sufficient bearing on our lives presently as it is. It is a tendency for many of us who may have faulted in one way or the other in the past to revisit those faults and rather than learning from them use them as catalysts to hinder us from making progress in this mad faith world that we’re in. What we fail to realize is that the more we accommodate these past rendezvous in our life, the more we pull ourselves back. We are afraid to follow our dreams. We are afraid to push on, or walk down that road and correct those errors because we fear that we may commit those same errors again. We are limiting ourselves to the endless possibilities that the present holds for us and this is even made worse when we sit back and daydream about the future. What we must realize is that to build a successful future, we must learn to do away with the past and work in the present. It is out of the hard work in the present that our future may be lead onto a path of golden steps or broken bridges. We must live in the moment, work as hard as we can, dream and work on those dreams we have in the present so that the future will shape out itself. The key word here is MOMENT, as in NOW or this INSTANT. No one knows what the future really holds for us. All we can do is focus in the present age we’re living, and hope that our hard work will pay dividend and fruitful in the future. Also as we focus in the present, we must learn to let go of our past. Yes there are instances or cases where we’ll have to depend on the past, but those instances demand that we learn from the key factors that may have contributed to our mistakes then and not entirely on the situation. The possibilities are endless people, believe me, ENDLESS! It’s time we dusted the dirt of the past off our shoulders and freshened ourselves with the fragrance of the present so as to attract the goodness of the future. Live not for the past, nor the future but for the MOMENT, because seriously, the MOMENT defines who we are and what we may or will become in the future.


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