Poetic State Of Mind

Manipulate Me..

From the deep thrust of my hand,
I felt her soul, soft, sticky and damp,
I positioned her on the table,
Looked in eyes and asked her whether she was willing
cos I was more than able,
Able to shake her foundations,with a thrust of my sword,
Blunt in appearance, but piercing enough to give her sores,
She whispered in my ear..that’s what it’s made for,
I looked @ her naked body and thought..what more??
As she stroked my sword with her bare hands,
A burning desire touched my heart and i stared @ her gorgeous
apples from a glance,
She stroked while i poked..She licked, while I bit,
69mins we @ it with Sweat dripping all over our bodies, and
round 1 still produced no knockout hit,
We decided to switch into game mode,
She crossed her legs behind my back as I thrust my sword
deep down her soul,
“Ayee” was the voice that squeaked through her tone,
“Uhh” was the pain of satisfaction I felt and the signal that
I was on the right path home,
Up and down..slow and fast,
My sword pierced so deep you’d think I was aiming for her heart
as the air she struggled to grasp,
Faster and deeper,
Almost as if we were in a race, and climax was our time keeper,
Wetter but never weaker she squirted like a fountain overflowing
its bank,
Harder and harder I kept on pushing till my ship had finally sunk
in her quick sand,
From the back I gripped her hair,
Let go, and tweaked her nipples as i thrust her deeper, faster
and harder from the rare,
I drank out of her soul, as she hang upside down,
reminiscence of a stripper gliding down a pole and spinning round
and round,
Tempo reacted like fuel added to fire,
Hearts beating, sex insane, out of our brains and yet we asked
“Can we get much higher?”
Subsequent rounds, we switched positions,
Sex reinvented so good and detailed to the core you’d think it was
in Super High Definition,
Her ambition was my addiction..for me to make her cum,
Rode that stick like a semi and I was a pro..she had me shooting bullets,
like a 9mm shotgun,
The moaning, her pain, my dick, her brain,
In the end..we ended differently from the position we came..cream spilled
all over her face and chest looking like she had just been soaked in rain…


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