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The Nature Of The Being…

Human beings are one way or the other very complicated in dealing with. It’s hard sometimes to relate with certain people without having a go at them. There’s always that one person who you find hard to keep track of because he’s always saying the wrong things or doing the wrong things that you constantly remind of not to do. Certain situations demand certain reactions, and most of the time, when you’re hot headed, it’s hard to react in the calm nature that is expected of you to react. Different scenarios can be narrated with this point. You remember that boy who always used to tease you with no sense of purpose or that senior that used to humiliate you at every chance he or she got. In situations like these, your first reactions may often come out 30% successful and the rest of the percentage attributed to failure. The same can be said of other scenarios such as at the workplace. That boss of yours who never cuts you any slack and sees your flaws more significant than your achievements and those colleagues who just can’t stand your persona for no apparent reason. In these instances as well there are ways you can deal with them and more than causing a negative impact rather cause positive outcomes.

The first rule in dealing with people is having tolerance. This is the golden rule basically that you need because like I said human beings differ in culture, beliefs and a person’s background may cause him or her to come out with attributes that depict the nature of the kind of people that come from where he or she is comes from too. We must learn to back off all negative energy that builds within us when provoked or pushed to the wall by those kinds of people. Resorting to violence and foul play will not solve the issue at hand. What it will rather do is to spark up more fire and in the mind of that person he or she will think that he or she has an upper hand. You will begin to crack and self destruct right before their eyes and they’ll have nothing but joy and heartless pride to see you lose it. Play along to the tune of them. Show signs of calmness and an unperturbed nature. You see the more you tolerate their actions, the harder it becomes for them to keep on with their acts.

The second rule in dealing with people is ignoring them. This applies to those who have weak hearts to tolerate them.  There’s nothing more annoying than to keep a composed nature when hell is being tried to be raised on you. At all cost, try not to get yourself involved in a confrontation or whatsoever. Go about your daily activities, jobs etc without really dwelling on the situation. The more he tries, the more unconcern you become and the less impact he seems to get at you. Some people do not heed to warnings, advice etc. You have to understand that these are the kind of people who hate to be put in the positions that they may might have you in so there’s always that sort of pain, regret or shock when they realized that whatever they seem to be trying to do to break your morale and psyche seems to prove futile.

The mind is deadly and the tongue cuts sharper than a sword. It is therefore advisable to resist yourself from coming out and saying or doing stuff that may contradict yourself of who you really are. We have situations where due to another person’s actions, speech or behavior, we go out of order or line just to shut that person up. The worry here is not about what you do to react, but the level of intensity that is attached. A typical example is the Guinea Fowl situation that happened over in the Northern part of Ghana. This was a harmless situation that demanded reasoning and order but yet tempers boiled beyond the regular boiling point and it sparked a political warfare. I am not saying you can’t send a message of warning or advice, but all I am saying is, most human beings are difficult and it’s not in every situation that a tete a tete conversation or strong missile warnings will be effective, hence the two rules I placed up there. You can’t change certain behaviors of people but you can change the situation in which you find yourselves with them in. Think wisely, don’t act stupidly or irrationally..


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