Poetic State Of Mind

The Last Kick…

The ball stuck in between my feet,
I dance around these live mannequins trying to beat,
Trying to beat time, I have none left,
3minutes is my only bet,
From the goalie to the left back,
Dances once, spins pass the winger,
Move so swift and dazzling its like playing in defense
with the attack,
A build up to the late clincher,
One, two dummy and a pass,
Back heels and flicks,
Headers and long crosses in mass,
Speeding like I’m Usain on the wing bout to Bolt this
ball like a rocket ship,
Left, to right, nutmegs and I’m on way,
Tackled in the box,
Free-kick rather than a penalty..fans, players and manager
in disarray,
They stand before me like guards,
Obstacles, nonetheless but my sweet lefty is well charged,
1…2…3…I run with pace,
Fly the ball over the ’em…hearts in mouth..despair..keeper
makes a save,
Last minute of the game,
Clocks ticking..score still remains the same,
Chasing a dream which is not so far but not so near,
Fans enthusiastic and optimistic..with their last breath they
continue to cheer,
Ball gets trapped on the far right,
Right back lets loose..and the feed is @ the right height,
Languidly I control the ball and kill its pace,
1,2 exchange with our heads and with our feet..football played
with sweet taste,
Through ball finds me in a deadly position,
Right around the ‘D’ , the crowd yells “shoot” in anticipation
of a finishing,
Quick look of the man before me,
As I plot to run through and break free,
Short pass and a 360..i ease my way pass and see the goal
in sight,
I pull out my left feet in preparation of a strike,
Suddenly..a sharp pain catches me..I hit the floor,
Referee blows his whistle..PENALTY..the crowd roar,
The last kick of the game,
I place the ball well on the spot..as I step back to analyze the
posts frame,
A hard stare @ the goalie as words of my father playback in my memory,
I can do all things through Christ that strengthened me..SNAP!..back to
The stadium goes silent..like a 1 minute respect campaign,
Sweat drips down the face..adrenalin runs through my veins,
The whistle blows,
1…2….3…here it goes,
My foot hits the ball and…


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