Poetic State Of Mind

This Is ME!!!…

May 22..the year of 1988,
6.5smefin pounds..born as a heavyweight,
5th to survive birth..special in my mother’s eyes,
Lefty with a killer hook..humble but not shy,
Born as number 2..known as the baby last,
Second 2 my big bruva..1st in swag class,
Afro as a baby..got it from my mum,
Chubby but not lazy..never sucked a thumb,
Addicted 2 the game..Sega Mega-drive 2,
Coke to quench my thirst..Paye my favorite food,
Alpha Beta starter..Martin De Porres graduate,
Kwabotwe baller..CUC affiliate,
Neva a ladies man..never prolly be,
Artist as a jnr..gifted with this poetry,
Girls i like..music i insanely love,
Ghetto,athletic,indispensable..gentleman and all the above,
Honest,plain and raw,
Open,calm,but yet verbally hardcore,
Legacy,dreams,passion to win,
Business-oriented..seducing..my unconscious sin,
Horny for the kicks n whips,
Gizmos n gadgets..most desired on my list,
Deceitful,liars,2-timing,snitches i hate,
Gold-digging,ugly,insecure beauty with no brains..i don’t date,
Crazy to imagine..unpredictable to date,
More trickery than Copperfield..this is me..Suavé


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