Poetic State Of Mind

I DO..or I Lied..

She locked the doors and hid the keys,
I was in total shock..how could a woman so sweet be bitter to the highest degree?
“Tonight you’ll answer my questions or your shadows are not leaving”,
This woman had impudence and nerves..talking to me like I was a beggar on the curb
she’s lucky my hands are allowing her to keep on breathing,
“Where were you last night?”
I looked at her terrible face and replied..”So you want to start a fight?”
“Yes..tonight..I’m ready..your black belt in judo can not scare me”,
I laughed heavily, this woman could pass off for a stand-up comedy,
“Listen Rose..my business is my business..keep your Pinocchio nose out of it”
“For Your Info..I’m your husband..not your personal yo-yo”,
“The audacity you have, to open your filthy mouth and feed me with crap”,
“My mother will surely hear of this..just pray I don’t end up giving her a heart attack”,
“The old witch can die for all I care”,
“Woman with so much evil, even the devil bows down to her”,
“Herh Kwesi”…”Oh Go-Way-U!!”
“Now give me those keys…I have a meeting to attend”,
“This is your house abi?…search for it then”,
“What husband leaves his wife @ home for a meeting @ 10o’clock in the night”
“Woman enough with your theatrics” “Kwesi..you’re cheating on me right”
I couldn’t choose between thinking either this woman was possessed or had intoxicated herself
with Atemuda or some kind of ridiculous booze,
“Rose…is this really you?…or has your brain decided to go on retirement and
abandon your shameless thin body that looks like a rule?”
She ran to the kitchen as if she had food on fire and the door keys were still
I continued my search..hoping I could find them and leave before a Round 2 of nagging and
She burst out in tears with a knife in her hand,
“Kwesi..I’ll end my life..right now and here” “Oh..Thank God..that was even what I had in
Hell hath no fury like the scorn of a woman and this one was pretty gone,
I starred in amazement..watching her self destruct like an Afghan time bomb,
“Eh Rose..when you are done..let me know” “Kwesi..you’ll pay I swear”
“Woman I’ve been paying since I met you..even more when I said ‘I Do’..an investment
that has reaped nothing but bad depths all year”

“You are heartless Kwesi..God I can’t believed I married you”
“aah so you now realized…and I can’t believe I married an insecured psychopath too”
“KMTCHEEWWWW”,..”woman the keys…I am very late can’t you see?”
“Even if you beg on your knees…nothing will push me to set you free”
(Knocks On The Door) “Who Is It?” “We are asleep”
“Gyama wa bodam”..”Go & open the door” “Heey! Let me be”
“Ama its your mother” “Aooo…anyen no aba”
“Mother?” “Yes your mother..the one who got pregnant with you by your father”
At this point I could not believe what was I witnessing,
Mari Jata herself had surfaced and was about to add her abusive voice to this session,
She unlocked the door and all I heard was..”Kwesi wo si sen?”
“Mama what do you mean?” “Shut up!..”You shameless cock always pecking hard at innocent hens”
“Here we go again” is what I thought,
“Look at her grey dreads like the ends of our mop”,
“I had been standing behind that door for 30minutes..i heard all you said”
“Going to work at this ungodly hour instead of trying to make me grandchildren on your
matrimonial bed”
This was the umpteenth time..she had brought the baby talk,
I was soon beginning to suspect that until we had made a baby she was forever going to stalk,
“Mama you know now..we do it every night”
“Liar!” “Herh Afua!” “Yesterday after giving you the blow-job your soldier refused to get up
and fight”
“Afua you are an ungrateful being” “Ha!..tell me more”
“You can’t even make a girl scream” “You pre-ejaculate once my panties hit the floor”
“I’m leaving this place” “Not so fast Mr.” she locked the door..”Come and face the heat”
“Enough with the jokes woman, I can tell you and your mother have been smoking weed”
“Herh Kwesi” “Yes I said it” “Go ahead and sue me”
“It’s not your fault” “Yes..and don’t think I’ve not noticed your dreads..and your fingers look like
pig feet”
“You impotent asshole” SLAP! Afua hits the floor knocked out,
Her mother screamed “This is what you men are all about”
I could care less..the damage was done..just wanted to get out of here,
“The police are near you’ll see” “Oh plse..spare me the drama yeah?”
(Knocks on the door) “Who is it?” silence is all I got,
After grabbing the key out of Afua’s hand..i opened the door and felt like I’d been shot,
There she was, my 10o’clock meeting at my house
The life of the cheating husband..and the trifling spouse,
“Kwesi aden? been waiting at the hotel for 3hrs”
“And who is thing Kwesi?” “Hey!Grandma learn some manners or I will be forced to show you my
beating powers”
“Oh so this is your cheap whore?your so called meeting at 10”
“Eh Kwesi..who is this bush grandma with no respect for young women?”
At this moment suicide was on my mind..DDT or Dettol,
The insults were flying like Concords..and all I could do was to sit back and watch a happy
home turn into turmoil,
Slowly Afua regained consciousness, her immediate words..”Kwesi..who is this tramp?”
“she’s a business associate” “Associate indeed..look at the way the skirt is revealing her
“Look! both of you should get a life..I’m done and through with you!”
“No you’re not..because guess what?..I bear your son in my womb”
“WHAT?!” the 3 of us left screamed in shock,
“You’re what?” “I’m pregnant” “I’m not the father..no way! WTF??”
“You shameless being..you forgot last week when you almost broke my back?”
“But you said..” “Yes I lied..cause I couldn’t take your sex..it was just a whole lot of crap”
Silence drew again..Afua said “Won’t you say anything huh?”
“I demand a blood test” “Kwesi don’t be stupid” “Grandma..shut the fuck up..your breath stinks
“You demand a blood test huh?” “I’ll give you blood test”
“Could someone explain to me what’s going on?” “Ashawo go and find some place to rest”
Afua pulled out a gun..I said “Afua..Don’t be fooish that things loaded”
“Oh yeah?..well I don’t know so how about we test it out on the ashawo since she looks
artificially moulded,”
“You wouldn’t dare bitch!” “Hey Grace! that’s my wife!”
“Oh please!..when we were fucking the whole of lastweek you never told me you had a married life!”
“So Kwesi it’s true?..you have been cheating on me”
Esi walked in “Afua..ok..byebbye” “Esi walk away and I’ll make you my 1st casualty”
“Afua what’s all this?” “Esi you were right sis”
“This no good fool of a man..was humping with that ugly looking fish”
I looked at Esi with anger..the anger grew within my veins,
If I could transform into the HULK or a vampire..Esi would be the 1st one to be slain,
“Ok..Afua put the gun down now..lets talk..we can get through this”
“Fool!..you cheated on me with an ashawo..you think this is a case that’s so easy to dismiss”
“Kwesi I can’t believe you married this psychopath..” SHOT! She spoke too soon
Grace died instantly on the spot..and suddenly my hall had been turned into a murder room
“Afua..look at what you have done..just look..did you have to trigger the gun?”
She looked with a sigh and laughed..as she poured out a glass of rum,
“Afua..put down the gun” “Mama shut up!..what’s done been done”
“I’m even tired of you..always up in my business acting like you care so much when you
only care about that bastard son”
“That bastard son’s your brother” “Oh so now you tell me?”
“Where were you when he raped me and planted the seed which I am soon to reap?”
“WHAT?!”..her mother collapsed..I would too if I heard what just came out of Afua’s mouth,
Raped by her own blood brother..with an offspring..that’s yet to sprout,
Afua pointed the gun to the side of her head and said “Well folks this is the end”
“Afua quit joking..” “Your mother jst collapsed” “Yeah..yeah..yeah..I bet she’s even dead”
“Kwesi you showed me love, but you taught me pain”
“Truthfully speaking..I have nothing to live for again”
“This house..the money..your love..was all vanity”
“It’s sad because all along I thought I was living a real life fanatsy”
“Afua don’t do this..baby i love you” SHOT! “WRONG!” “Uggh you make me sick”
“You love who?..you love yourself..that’s what it is..you rotten piece of sh!t”
“Enough with all this talk..what’s done been already been..my mind’s made up”
Esi cried in the heat of the moment..Afua replied..”Herh Esi..please stop o, you’re only
going to wreck your make-up”
“So this is the way forward you have chosen?”
“To end lives and leave hearts sore and broken?”
“Well it takes two to tango”
“End your life and I swear I’ll follow”
“hahaha…aww Kwesi..listen to your pitiful tone”
“whoever knew Kwesi Abrebese had an emotional bone”
“I may have said I DO at the alter but guess like you I lied”
“The streets of sorrow is where you’ve brought me and now it’s my turn to say Goodbye”
A loud SHOT was all I heard,
I looked back and there she laid..in a pool of blood..dead,
Funny how life is..how a kiss can be overshadowed by a slap
and how wrong investments can bring out unwanted risks,
I look back in the end and ask..is life really worth living?
Oh WOW!..would you look at the time?..suicide is next..Good bye cruel world, I’m tired of tripping..


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