Poetic State Of Mind

No More Pain…

The pain..I want no more..Haven’t I suffered enough?
My joy burnt to ashes..and you sit there with no remorse
beating me up in a bloody pulp,
I thought you were different but I guess your life
never changed,
Using this marriage as a means of sex exchange,
And I was the fool that stood by you,
That neglected the roadblocks and warnings,
I became a rebel cos of love..a painful lie in my head
but in reality the gospel truth,
The phone calls meant nothing..you toppled my trust over
which hung in balance,
You downgraded me from a human being..I am now no more than
a mere substance,
The lies that men tell..the evil that they do,
Slap me harder won’t you?..It’s always been Kwame the wise King
and Afua the loyal subject of a fool,
I’ve been addicted to your inflicted pain but now it’s time to
let go,
Your love is like that of propane..deadly but burns slow,
I am filled with shame of having to bend my life round the corner,
Guess I took a shortcut of my life and ended up on the streets of trauma,
But I believe in Karma Kwame..you’ll forever pay,
This baby I hold in my womb..will surely be told of this day,
Surely be made known of who his true father was,
Your actions will no doubt be replicated and justify his cause,
Your son will face the harsh realities and suffer the pain of love,
But unlike you..he will be aided to rise up when he stumbles and stand tall
a better person above,
My tears are not worth your sympathy,
Come back in the future?..spare me the emotional parody,
Your love was based on lust,
Your mind diminished like sand diffused into dust,
You heartless being..I wonder how you are even real?
Always bragging to your friends…when you don’t even own a meter of sex
My heart is now free of your drug,
Your spell and your pain..your misty weather and your fog,
Leaving, never to return again,
Brighter days ahead..you’re a loss that my heart never deserved to gain..


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