Poetic State Of Mind

Brown Skin…

Brown skin..ebony,
The sweetest passion to mankind..through her inner and out
She’s mystique..tasty like Godiva chocolate,
Her eyes, her lips, her thighs..her body is a masterpiece
well shaped,
Her eyes are filled with the moon..if u look closely u can
see the stars,
Smothered in red lipstick, her lips are a marvelous work of
She’s my ice and fire..my pleasure and pain,
I’m addicted to her drug..love..and in bed..she yearns for
me to make her spot rain,
How could a beauty be so perfect and her heart full of bliss,
Brown skin..my sinful habit..that I just can’t resist,
Gorgeous in nature…her hair..brown and silky,
Round breasts..no silicone..big, natural and milky,
Her bottoms are shaped like apples..juicy like peaches
glossed with cream,
She’s an object of lust whenever she puts on those tight jeans,
She possesses an aura of goodness..her heart must be full of
Intelligence, she’s blessed in abundance, self-dependent, she
strives to get her own,
Brown skin..you’re a remedy..for ever I’ll remember thee,
Such a lady, your humble nature’s the reason thugs are getting
off the streets,
She’s a breath of fresh air..a life line that’s always there,
In her heart I’ve found joy..my mistakes..and grief no longer
I bear,
Brown skin..take me away..wherever you want to go,
Hand by hand..lets sail across the streams of life in our love
She’ll forever be..that sweet beauty with a flawless pedigree,
Brown skin..promise me you’ll never leave..for you’re the only
cure to my life..the cure to my insanity..


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