Suave 24/7 - 365


This 8-letter word is one heck of a POWERFUL word. It must be noted that its significance is vital in the world we are living in, especially in this modern day where tempers flare up a lot in one way or the other. Patience is/must be applied to any and every situation you find yourself in. Going into further details; we have those who are seeking redemption, those seeking to land that big project with their work, those who are seeking the job itself and those who are seeking happiness and a better life. It’s obvious all these categories of people who have one thing in common. They are seeking comfort in one way or the other and life as we know it is never a straight easy route. We are definitely bound to stumble across rough patches and stages. These patches or stages will attempt not only to slow down our journey but also to test your mental fortitude and resiliency. It’s not uncommon to see people struggle in life at some point before they reach a level of attainment or satisfaction. Like popular 2 quotes say “You need to go through hell in order to get to heaven” and “You need to go through pain in order to experience joy”. Seeking this redemption or joy or a chance to be known as the greatest in the world requires a lot of hard work. It requires a hefty dosage of effort in some cases to come out successfully and do not be fooled if you think you can attain that within an hour, a day, a week, a month or even a year. This is where the word PATIENCE comes in. You see, hard work goes hand in hand with patience, and without the latter you can never achieve satisfaction. We must learn to live with the situation as it is and deal with the pace and format in which it follows. Some of the world’s greatest people had to wait almost a century of their career to experience success and who said hard work didn’t pay off for them? Another thing we must realize is that endurance is a subset of the patience we need to have. Endurance is what will help us attain that patience successfully and is our barrier between snapping out and being calm about the situation at hand. We can never get any work done through ANGER, TENSION and subsequently PARANOYA and thus we must learn to tolerate ourselves and react better when we are faced with sudden stumbling blocks in our life’s path. There are limits to the period in which we have patience and it’s reasonable to run out of it in the long run too. However, we must bear in mind that acting irrationally afterwards will only draw us back further and hinder our progress. Patience applies to human beings also but human beings are quite complicated and sometimes hard headed, so it’s very much ok to understand one’s force of measure in reacting absurdly or irrationally towards that person or those people when they exceed their boundaries or limits of comfort. It’s not the best way in handling the situation, although, circumstances may demand it. Going back to the point, like I said earlier on, it’s high time we tolerated ourselves a bit more and took every stage or set or scene of life 1 by 1 as we stroll in this cruel world. We must get it into our heads, LIFE IS NOT A WALK IN THE PARK AND HUMAN BEINGS ARE NOT ALWAYS TRUSTWORTHY OR AS UNDERSTANDING AS THEY MAY SEEM. We mustn’t be sluggish neither should we try to rush ahead of schedule in order to gain comfort. Remember, God has already laid the blueprints for us. All we have to do is follow. It doesn’t matter how long it may take or how much suffering we might go through, there’s been an allocated time by God as to when we’ll have shine; and believe me when the time is set, nothing, absolutely nothing can hold us back. Good things come to those who wait. PATIENCE!!


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