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There’s nothing sweeter in life than victory. It’s that feeling of satisfaction you get after conquering your foes but most importantly that satisfaction you get after conquering obstacles that stand in your way in this life full of mad faith. Life is all about wits against desire. How bad you want to succeed. How bad you want to achieve those goals you set. Your wits are always in constant duel with your desires and sometimes when doubt sets in, you realize that you may be left alone to lament over a battle which you could have easily won but for your strong positive mental attitude towards it. It’s pretty much safe to say that victory is searched and fetched within the heart which sends impulses to the brain and through that we are able to sustain the heat and pressure of a situation which by all accounts we must attain glory. So what puts us down then? What distracts our psyche and throws off course then? We lack consistency. That’s it really, consistency. Our performances may differ by day and it really does not help our situation. Fear also creeps in as a catalyst for this and how can we forget our good friend over confidence. In a way, the latter 2 may in some circumstances account to the consistency we lack but for specifics we’ll just say they individually harm us, which is obviously true. When you wake up after having a dream what do you normally do? Do you A. sit back and say well that’s something I can do or can’t do so I’ll put down and save it for some day or do you B. immediately try to set out a blueprint and lay a foundation for that dream? Realists would say they’d choose depending on how the situation is and what it demands. Me however, I think it’s just a bunch of bull (pardon my language). Whether you are a realist or a person who tends to sit on the fence when it comes to situations, you must bear one thing in mind, you only get to live life once. Every second, minute, hour, day, week, month and year counts and procrastination is a woman you must at all cost show no love to. Coming back to the causes of our lack of victory, I spoke of consistency as being a factor. Crucially it’s a key factor and one we must all take notice of and respect highly. We’ve all been in that situation where we struggle to get something done and suddenly we find a breakthrough and miraculously get that something right before. The question is what happens after that moment or spark of ingenious brilliance? We lack consistency because we fail to apply the steps or principles of yesterday to today’s cause of action. It’s like cultivating crops on a farm and right after finding a new and better method to cultivate your crops, you turn your back the next day and go right back to the same old method which yielded less results. Listen! We have to stick to that winning formula. Improve on it as time goes by, it’s the only way we can keep that 100% consistency. Simple! I also made mention of fear and like I said in an earlier blog, FEAR is that mind state that really sets itself and detonates by itself once it sets firmly in your brain. In relation to the topic on board, it simply blocks the route of your path to victory or success and it’s only when you have told yourself that you’re not going to tolerate its shenanigans that you’ll gain the power and comfort to achieve what you want to do. The last bit really needs no lengthy discussion or whatsoever. The over confidence of a man is the strongest but simplest catalyst of his downfall or destruction. Notice how I use the words “STRONG” and “SIMPLE” to define it. It’s really not a big issue however it does have serious side effects which once triggered may leave an individual with much undesirable effects. To put in plain English, we must look before we leap. Don’t jump straight at the situation thinking you know all there is to handling it because just like a bomb; all it takes is a simple wire, or key or button to detonate it and its bye- bye to your life. Our egos are 99.9% responsible for this over daring self confidence and the lower we bring its gravitational force, the much calmer and careful we remain to approach a situation.

At the end of the day all I’m trying to say is, victory is not for the fainthearted, but neither is it a stroll or walk in the park either. We must live, learn and play by the rules. We must go at it with full force after we steady the situation 1st and also we must learn not to give in as well as being too condemning that the situation looks easier than said. Also, allow no one to get in your way of that victory you desire so much. Your victory is the sour taste in the mouths of those who keep on saying you can never make it. Like one good rapper J.Cole said “If they don’t know your dreams, then they can’t shoot ‘em down”. YOU ARE BLESSED WITH NO STRESS SO STRIVE FOR THAT SUCCESS!!!


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