Poetic State Of Mind

Guilt, Admittance, Change…

Taking that step into the future: Many of us today are still living in denial and in disarray due to regrets and sentiments of actions we probably didn’t handle that well. We’re still living with those skeletons that we’ve tightly locked in our closets and those skeletons have been taunting us every day and night. Why are we torturing ourselves over that boy, that girl, that wrong U-turn that moment of hesitance, or failure to make proper amends for a situation that could have potentially led to disastrous complications? Our problem here is, we care too much about our mistakes and that in its self has taken its toll on us. We care more about losses than our earnings and are not really bent on progressing. It’s hard enough already that you had your hopes, opportunities, chances ruined, and may have committed silly errors that may have put you rock bottom but have you forgotten that there’s light at the end of every tunnel? Human beings aren’t perfect however we are an imperfect perfection of creation and so it’s not odd, neither is it strange to make a mistake. Believe me, had God created us all perfect, the word DRAMA wouldn’t have existed alongside a bunch of words which some up to NEGATIVITY. It’s time we crawled out of the shell and cleaned out our closet. We spend too much time moping about the past which has no beneficiary effect to the present and certainly no bearings to the future. We are slipping and falling off very fast. Yesterday somebody committed suicide because of a girl, today, there’s a girl who has decided not to come out of her room because she can’t get the man of her dreams. It’s a harsh TRUTH I’m about to state here but seriously you are being STUPID putting yourself in that situation. Again, let me reiterate that we as human beings are not perfect thus; we seek perfection and as such if we can’t get what our heart desires, signs should start telling you that you need to move on. There are many fishes in the sea and some of you might say it’s easier said than done but believe me it’s the reality we face. Exploration is what we need because at the end of the day, channeling all your energy on just that one person could watch you letting go of other people who may fit the billing or category of men or women you are looking for. Change is not a bad process if it is for the best and in situations where you find your life seemingly on a crash course, you shouldn’t be afraid to accept or better yet embrace it. I’ll make this discussion short by saying we ought to search within ourselves and find that breath of fresh air that will push us on to newer things, opportunities, chances etc. Take a retrospective look back at your life thus far and jot down all the dreams, goals, and possibilities you want to make for yourself. Find a positive catalyst somewhere, perhaps from your heart and let it surge you on. Life’s too short to be moping about what “coulda, shoulda” been. Taking trips out of town can be a life turning move for you. It can help you break free from that bondage of sentiments, pain and guilt-struck feelings. The most important person you will definitely have to rely on in these moments of denial and despair is God our father. If anything He’s the reason the world is what it is today and He’s the giver and taker of His life. Most importantly He’s got a purpose for you and until you allow Him to direct you to that purpose you will still be lost in this world, still moping about the same old situations and happenings. So then what must we do? Here’s a quick summary; admittance of faults or errors, acknowledgment and accepting responsibilities for those errors, searching God’s divine grace and seeking within ourselves, accepting that change is a must and applying that change immediately. After all this, if you still look back to life rather than looking forward, then trust me, there’s no point of you being ALIVE!


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