Poetic State Of Mind


Walk in these shoes of deception,

Feel destined to be crowned king but yet there’s a question,

Does he claim to be the man in the mirror or is he a shadow of

truth but with a false reflection,

I’ve risen to so many occasions like these,I live for the hard fought moments

..and grin @ my foes as heart bleeds,

Excuse my naivety..a humble man but yet filled with rage of countless enemies,

A soldier who goes to war with a gun and only one bullet,

Needless to say he’s got one shot and a trigger to cos a gauntlet,

My head has never stayed low..always rose my chin up,

For even in defeat..blessings are full and runneth over in my cup,

So why should I quit now?

Destined to be crown king..why should I take an early bow?

Have you forgotten the words of our fore fathers yesterday?

We live each day as a fight to the end come what may?

Dare I say..many men have tested and been slayed on my pathway,

Many more yet to come..but the words of the mouth is sharper than the sword

..they attack with theirs but cut their own gum,

As the day rises with the sun..and leaves with the moon out when all is work is done,

So shall all my hard work be manifested through my psalms a living testimony of my

battle against the fittest when left standing is only one..    


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