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The Leaf Of Trials & Restitution..

Turning over a new leaf for newer beginnings; after hurricane Katrina, New Orleans took a while to digest the tragedy that stormed, shocked and rocked their lives. It took an awful while but once that was over they resorted to changing their lives through the recovery process. The 1st two lines I used in the beginning of this blog are normally used in the context of switching from past attitudes or behaviors that negatively impact not only our lives but that of others. In this context however, I use it to describe the process of rising up from a disastrous almost unrecoverable situation to newer beginnings. Most of the time, due to life’s unforeseen circumstances and ever changing twists and turns, we find ourselves in situations that pretty much test our resolve and our ability to comeback. These situations can be said to be one’s either made by God or just life’s’ natural being. God tested Abraham when He asked him to sacrifice his son Isaac. It was a test he passed with distinction but even with that we must remember that it was directed of him by God to do so. In this present day however, the forms of tests come spontaneously and it takes a bit of special reasoning to realize that you’re being tested. The New Orleans example I made earlier on had so many interpretations right after the damage was done. Some religious activists believe it was a test by God to see whether they would be able to comeback from such a disaster and perhaps turn to see the bright light that many of them still failed to see. Others said it was a test and proof of God’s love for them because had He not have that much love for them, He would have destroyed the whole city and there wouldn’t be any chances of a comeback. Either ways there was a test in there or however you may want to understand that turmoil, all you need to know now is that God and life itself tests us in so many ways you could possibly never imagine. So how do we react to tests when they come our way? RESISTANCE & CHANGE; resisting the option of giving in or losing hope in a situation that surely does not look dead and changing ways, habits, attitudes or living for the better to enable effective handling of the situation. These 2 words are more than crucial, they are the only ways to handle tests that come our way. What we also have to understand is that, careful assessment of the situation also plays a major part to these tests. Jumping into conclusions or misjudging or misreading a situation before condemning it can really have severe effects. Everything happens for a reason and so when faced with trials, we must not declare our lives as coming to an end. Rather, we must rise to the occasion and face those trials with the belief that joy will prevail in the long run. No situation is permanent and just like New Orleans when they were struck with hurricane Katrina, so must we rise and build our lives once again with a sense of belief, hope and change. In short, life’s ups and downs may come and go, but we must fight the good fight and rebuild what once may have been built with sand, with bricks.


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