Poetic State Of Mind

The Look Of Luv

Dancing to the beats of Sergio Mendes..the rhythm of the song pierced
through her soul,
sitting @ the bar bopping my head 2 the sound of big drums..Vodka sinking deep
..my mind wanna let go,
She swayed to the right..back to the left and bend to the floor,
I wink while her eyes are on me..but the movement of her hips makes
me want more,
Like a lap dance she continues to twerk her body,
Lustful pleasures reminisce of the night before looking @ her from the lobby,
Her body language calling me to get much closer,
Her eyes undressing me in public..indecent exposure,
I take hold of her hands as we dance,
Slow rhythm play..up the tempo..back to slow rhythm..its like we’re in a
With my hands round her waist..we start to 2-step..her eyes still asking
me questions,
Trying so hard to understand her..do i stop and stare or keep on guessing,
The music STOPS!..nobody moves..
Silence on the floor..anxiety rules,
Our looks get deeper..harder and intense,
The answer seems close..but my minds still full of nonsense,
Sweat drops trickle down my face,
She licks her lips..almost as if she can feel the taste,
BANG!..the music starts again,
She grips onto me tighter..the rhythms got control of her..she
wanna go insane,
Suddenly..her looks had turned into my obsession,
Was this a curse in the making..or an unimaginable blessing?
She hadn’t said a word since we met,
It was a quarter past 3.. everyone was leaving..but she wasn’t done yet,
She whispered..”Look closely..n find what’s hidden in me”,
In a state of shock..i pondered to myself..”No..this can’t be”,
It became quite clear..but yet happened all so fast,
she didn’t wanna just dance..it was something way more than that,
Her body drew the picture…1nyt stands,orgies..none of the above,
soon it was evident..her desire was within her eyes..her eyes spoke
the look of luv..


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