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Parties, NightLife, what else?

So I was out one night during the festive season last year and it just hit me. The festive season seems to be the only time Ghanaians really come out to party and for some reason right after the festive season is over, nightlife and parties tend to be outright, plain boring. Don’t get me wrong some events do really live up to expectation but on the whole is the nightlife in Ghana really just overrated? That’s the question I keep asking myself when I go out these days. I can confidently say there are few events that really popped off last year for me be it I was there or not. “The Rainbow Sensation organized by HYPE Ent.”, “Bring A Bottle”, “Transform” & “I Love College” were a couple of events that in my view were TOP NOTCH. I still have my doubts about the Rozay concert but then again, I wasn’t there but the mass majority I’ve listened to so far said it was fun. Whether it was TOP NOTCH…mmm…can’t really say. So Paid Elevation was another party that stood to its HYPE. Something about using bottle of wines as a form of invite was pretty less expected in these parts in my opinion but hey! Take away nothing from the fact that it was another sellout of an event, one which I had massive fun myself. I missed “Accra Dot ALT Art Showcase” but again, there was an event that stood out massively. These are just among a few events that stood out for me last year. In a way I feel like the nightlife in Ghana only comes out proper during the festive season and it has to make you wonder what happens during the rest of the year. One thing that I don’t get is why most parties in Ghana adapt to the normal cliché style of partying. Where’s the style? Sometimes you can go to a party in a club and in all honestly it will look like a normal clubbing session. There will be nothing unique or different about it maybe other than the faces that you will see. I respect those events that have a twist in them. Glow In The Dark &  Avant Garde, these are events that brought about a sort of flavor unlike your normal parties that you go to; deuces to the organizers of those events. The lack of creativity is killing the nightlife if you ask me and until we have resolved that problem every event that goes on will forever be just an EVENT and not a MEMORABLE EVENT. Believe me there have been events in the past that have really nailed the spot. One memorable event I remember that went down in the motherland was “Welcome To Jamaica”. The whole Jamaican theme was just SUPERB and till date there’s not a single soul out there that could come out and say they didn’t have fun or can’t remember a night like that ever being so AWESOME! To the event organizers out there, my advice to you is that you may have chunks of money to spend and make an event but bring out a bit more creativity in the event you put up. Nights are getting boring by the minute and its because of the one-way pattern in the events being organized. Hang out joints like Venus & Champs are the only reason why the nightlife is not DEAD but one must really wonder how long these hang out joints and clubs can sustain the boredom. I hope this year though brings about more creativity in the events that are organized and I also hope there won’t be another BlackBerry event like the several which were held last year. Frankly, it’s not a bad idea, but where you have 2, 3 of them, then you’re just killing it really!


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