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Pride Over Comfort…

Pride over comfort; we all have that attitude in us. There comes a time when you just feel like you’re too good to ask for a favor or to do something in order to gain comfort or satisfaction. Pride is as the result of having either a high sense of personal status or ego (i.e., leading to judgments of personality and character) or the specific mostly positive emotion that is a product of praise or independent self-reflection. In the context however, we’ll exempt the latter part of that definition. It’s true that as an individual you must have a huge chunk of confidence in your strengths and abilities. This means you must and should be able to do anything if you put your mind to it as well as see yourself as a positive impact on the lives of and to the world. This in essence is not bad but what happens when you stumble across a situation that demands an extra hand or lift? Clash of the ego; some people would react normally to the question I asked above by saying “Well…ok…I can’t do this…I need help…so I’ll go get that help” but others would have what I call the clash of ego. This is basically where their over self esteem or confidence drives them to feel like they’re too good to ask for any favor or help in that situation. The result of this is obviously not a shocking one. They end up failing to work round the situation and even if they do manage to get round the situation, the results are nowhere near the demanded or expected results. When we allow pride to get over us, we fail to see the people around us. Suddenly people we have become accustomed to or grew fondly of are perceived as just ordinary people who are nowhere near our level of “coolness” or intelligence. The symptoms of pride are just way too visible to be ignored and the fact is, once it becomes evident that pride has set in the system, people also drift away. Yes they do. As a matter of fact, the only people who tend to stay around you are the ones who also have that same amount of pride in them and most of the time; they also tend to see themselves too big or cool to ask for your help or opinion in a related matter. What we must understand is that pride will never, I repeat WILL NEVER take you to any form of comfort. We’re living a world where it’s each man for himself yes but as well as that, we’re also living in a world where we ought to be each other’s brother’s  keeper. Whether we like it or not it’s the painful truth. Feeling too good or too big about asking for a favor or help will never solve the “x” in the situation that you’ll have difficulty to negotiate. Even the greatest and accomplished men and women of the past and the present world all have someone or some people who aided and even to some extent guided them to where they are now. Its best that we HUMBLE ourselves in the midst of people because the truth is you’ll never know when you’ll need the critical assistance or vital 2nd opinion to a situation that could possibly break or make you. No situation is beyond your reach but also no favor or help is too big to be asked for. You earn respect over being HUMBLE rather than showing foolish pride.


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