Poetic State Of Mind

Who’s To Blame…

May I pause a second..nah maybe a minute,

My mind’s trapped with all these memories..and they feel like they’re gonna last infinite,

Tell me where do I begin from?..or how should this be?We had a thing 1st..and tho’ i had

an A in your biology,the chemistry was an emphatic D,

We complemented each other they said..we were inseparable,

But even buildings do crack..after a test of time..so our love was almost too good and measurable,

You say i left u in a miserable state..how can I relate?

Baby our days were already numbered..like a product well aged our breakup was subject to an expiry date,

These are my words true..how could u call me mean boo?

Did I not love u enough?..if not then your hearts surely rude,

U cheated once..i cheated twice..so whats the complain?

Perfumed or non-perfumed rice..the value’s all the same,

Hey wait a minute..where are u from talking about a change?

Sounding all political..like the current gov…talking cheap but no game,

I think I love you still..HOL UP!..that was a trip,

my ego fell over and bumped its head..no KO..but only a hit,

Love letters..phone calls..sex under all kinds of weather,

You see..you loved it too..else your black book wouldn’t have told me that u cherished less of my love but more of the pleasure,

Lol..your black book?..a shame u left it @ my place,

Monday-Friday..Saturday-Sunday..different guys..so u put me in a rat-race?

To call u a disgrace is a little bit too much and totally out of place,

Your lustful desires..have u left sampled by many men..now you hop around like a prostitute with a sour taste,

Fucked my pockets but i raped you of your dignity..now u calling me a jerk..funny how u sold off your virginity,

Verbally i could abuse u for the rest of your life,

Like a fed-up husband..my words could slap u like the trifling wife,

You tried to pull a fast one..sneaky aimed right under my eye,

but u forgot karma’s a bitch..your bounced a ball against a wall that hit u back with a faster flight,

After all your pilolo’s..now u realize I’ve been doing the same,

You drew 1st blood..but i sucked pints of yours like a vampire..now who’s to blame?


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