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Fuel Your Confidence…

The bridge is never too narrow to cross; this is a saying I always dictate to myself and I have grew fondly and accustomed to it. Facing life challenges each day is enough motivation for me to feel that the blue ribbon is pretty much awaiting me at the end of my blood, sweat & tears. I pretty much look to each day as a day to learn something new. It’s the eagerness to learn however that motivates me to stretch myself to the limit to achieve success. Life is an ever growing and changing process that has a lesson attached to it and the sooner we begin to deal with that TRUTH, the easier it will be for us to deal with unforeseen challenges that may come our way. The diversity that faces us each day tell us how much evolution goes on within every second, minute, day, month & year that we spend here on earth. Sometimes we are faced with the kind of challenges that test our mental resolve more & our physical resolve less and it does not take rocket science to know that our mental resolve is much more prone to damage than our physical resolve. Some people wake up every morning psyching their selves up to the work @ hand. Others also wake up feeling tensed and @ unease to the pressure they feel awaits them @ their various work places or jobs. I pretty much have a routine that starts my day. Praying to God & having my daily devotional message is the 1st thing I normally do right after waking up. I believe that anybody irrespective of beliefs can and should have communication with whomever they believe in every morning once awake. The notion here for this is to be thankful for being alive and to commit the day into the hands of whomever. Most people shrug this activity because they feel like it’s not their time to go so they owe no acknowledgement to the leader of their beliefs. What we must realize is that death is inevitable as well as unpredictable. Just because you’re alive does not mean the superior being cannot call it a day @ any given moment. The 2nd activity I do is to psyche myself for what awaits me; either by listening to music, preferably up tempo music or soulful peaceful music. Music is one source of a life line and to me its mental effects are well evident in the way it stimulates the brain for work. The last thing I do is to set a target for myself. This is what I want to accomplish day or here’s the level I want to attain today. What happens here is that, your work rate may over exceed the levels you previously stated to reach which is a good thing because @ least it proves that you are hell bent on going that extra mile to accomplish a lot during the day. Positivity is the main driving force behind having a good day and it’s the mediator between confidence and fear. Where it’s lacked, its full blown downgrade effects are shown and productivity tends to be less in your camp but where it’s in abundance, you realize that you are able to cover a lot of grounds. So the bridge is indeed never too narrow to cross. Develop a pattern of positivity for yourself today and set a gap between confidence and fear. I am inspired by this quote every morning which says “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”. Let’s PUT IN TO WORK!!!


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