Poetic State Of Mind

Tribute To The KING…

Smoke’s out..lights dim,
Crowd’s anticipating..awaiting for the arrival of the king,
They’d been waiting for years..with their backs off the wall,
Do you remember the time..way before we used to spill blood on the
dance floor,
Billie Jean was his lover..he would say”she was just another part of me”,
Till dirty Diana came through..used to call her his P.Y.T.(Pretty Young Thing),
He used to not care bout whether he was black or white,
But the man in the mirror told ’em to either beat it or shut up & cry,
The results were a shame..it caused the world to scream,
Experts said it was just human nature..yet still he continued to jam
on our radio & TV screens,
His girlfriend was a Liberian girl..she was a rocking Robin,
But she took the smile off his face when she fell in love with Ben,
He hid in the closet lamenting..”She’s out of my life”,
“But all i need is one chance..and just one day in your life to make things
In ’95 he made an earth song in hoping to heal the world,
But he was treated like a stranger in Moscow..but as a morning glow to one
little girl,
Show after show..he had fans screaming..”You rock my world”,
He made us realize that even if they don’t care about us..we should never forget
that we are the world,
“He always wanna be starting something with his feet” as his brothers would
“don’t stop ’til you get enough” was his motto..that was the order of the
His moves were sometimes full of thriller,
His swiftness,agility and quick feet..branded him as a dance floor
After yrs of preparations..he had the fans thinking this is it,
Sadness though like life’s hardest situations hit me hard in the face when i had
to say farewell to my summer love on June 25th,
The man who moonwalked right before our eyes,
The smooth criminal who stole our hearts & lives,
The man’s whose presence & humility brought about joy wherever,
Like a rainbow..Fading in the twinkling of an eye..Gone too soon..but his music
will live forever..***


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