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The Season Of Love..

2nd February 2011. Another month it is and yes it’s the month of love. For some of us (me in particular) this month is just another month in the year with pretty much less significance. Not to hate on the lovers around or anything but other than April, May & December where Easter, My Birthday & Christmas is celebrated respectively, all other months are the same to me. Back to the topic; the month of love it is. Of course, the day that most signifies it is the 14th, heart shaped cards, chocolates and red wines as well as red & white attires usually accompany this day. My question however is, if love is the main reason we celebrate this day, then must it be celebrated with people we call our husbands, wives, boyfriends and girlfriends only or also with people who might be dear to our hearts irrespective of relationship status? It seems to bother me a bit when people sit back and define Valentine’s Day as a day to share with only your heart’s desire or soul mate. In a way this definition leaves much to be desired and therefore limits the occasion to only couples which I seem to think it’s not fair. This pretty much shows how narrow minded some people can think but can you blame them? They probably grew up given a history of the day as that and for some a bit of illiteracy and or lack of proper research may also be attributed to these opinions. I’m sure Aphrodite may have some pretty hefty objections to these claims but for her efforts, she must also in a way be very delighted in the way people go about celebrating the day. As a matter of fact, down in Ghana, it’s a pretty BIG DEAL! Is it bigger than Easter & Christmas? Not so much but it’s quite safe to say it’s pretty much up there.  People go to work & flood the streets in red & white attire. The market is pretty much filled with Valentine themed goods and radio stations organize contests, promotions and competitions all in the name of celebrating the day. All these give an air of excitement but again like I asked is it really for only couples? I would like to think that showing love can be broadly spun from just your soul mates to other people around you. The keyword here is LOVE and I feel like it’s a better feeling to show all kinds of people that respect and love too on that day. It could be someone who may have had a big influence on your life in the last 12months or so or perhaps a certain somebody or some people who may have come to your aid when you least or most expected it. Much emphasis is placed on couples only but I think in 2011 that trend should fade out completely. Also, there’s the issue of some couples who may have problems in finding that perfect gift due to financial hiccups. We must remember that at the end of the day, it’s not about how big or small the gift is, what matters the most is that it’s from the heart and it came with a big HUGE chunk of LOVE in it. Recent years have shown that people go to lengths and breadths to make the day so perfect for their special ones but really are they all worth it? Love is PRICELESS and much more valuable than all the gold and diamonds in the world. As long as you possess that for that special person or loved one, it does not matter how big or small the gift might be in actual physicality. For those of us in the spirit, let’s celebrate this month of love with one purpose in mind, LOVE & acknowledgement. Let’s express that love in the best way we can. Forget all the diamonds, watches, etc. let’s let our love define the magnitude of how much affection and acknowledgement we have for that special person or people. Love is definitely in the air and we must inhale and share it to all the people that matter the most be it soul mates, friends or family!


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