Poetic State Of Mind

Be Loved Or Hated..

The thin line between L & H,
the chemistry between joy & pain ,
I..a black man in the comfort of his country,
I..a black man..by the members of his own..rebuked & slain,
For is it a crime i made?
To have a work that’s worth 5x an average man’s pay?
Or is it a taboo to be blessed?
My beautiful kids to a gorgeous wife that I wedded?
Its with regret 2 say that I’m a victim of the ‘H’ syndrome,
That which has caused those i called my brothers & sisters
to speak negatively of me in tantrums,
The pride in me shrugs away the tears,
Gratified by the Lords strength in me..I walk in the shadows
with no fears,
Love is blinded..feel like I’m starring through Uncle Ray’s glasses,
the envy for a black man’s living..is the Hate that like the
air that blows but not passes,
Should I be stabbed like he was or get shot for a no cause,
Should I give up my faith like she did and turn into a whore,
just so I cud be loved endlessly like a media player without pause,
No..never that!..turn ma back on the grace that got me here
I’ll never do,
I’d rather be hated..just so those who despise me would one day
look back n realize that they were rather the fools..


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