Poetic State Of Mind


From the day I was born my head lay..bald and shiny,
Wen I was 2..i grew strands..so no one could mind me,
Age 5..i had a fro..principal said..its all bushy,
the girls loved it so i used to get all mushy,
5yrs l8er..took my fro off by mother’s will,
Daddy never cared..but the ladies loved it still,
Confused and so angry..went 2 church..pastor said it was a better deal,
Was I cool with or without the fro..my homies just told me to keep it real,
Fast fwd 10yrs..had low cut with the 3stripes on the side,
“Real Gangsta” they said..but i was only trynna stay fly,
Till last week I was a gangsta still with the wicked ass cuts,
then India Arie told me i was not my hair..so i was damn..wat tha fuck?,
Took a trip down to my barber..saw that i was the only one there,
Sat in the chair..looked in the mirror..and said..cud u please leave my
head bare,
A life story worth a 1000yrs..the evolution of a man’s hair,
it may have brought me some satisfaction..but it surely didn’t get me here,
However my roots r full of memory..so my fro’s always going to grow,
But I ain’t my hair..never scared..so imma b me n let ma baldness show…


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