Poetic State Of Mind

The Writer…

He dreams of seeing his name in bright lights,
Dining with the big stars..living the good life,
His motivation..he works hard so one day he can live it,
He’s got the one chance to put it all on the line so his
100% effort he goes on and give it,
Day & night..he toils through his own blood and tears,
stares @ the picture of Hollywood..and starts to hear the cheers
closes his eyes to the world all he sees is success,
A visionary..all he practices is what preaches progress and nothing
Many may try to break his focus..but he’s mentally sound,
through the pain barrier he fists his words with complete
accuracy..call it pound for pound,
He’s never been down for long..quick to get back on his feet,
With Christ on his side who dares to ever call him weak?
Unique encased with brilliance…he’s a gifted young’n that speaks
of truth..and hardly no flaws,
His words are the birth of truth..conceived with no umbilical cords,
In his pursuit to what he calls destiny..he’s pursued by the blind
shallow minded backbiter,
In his mind he knows no peace but fights no war..thus he’s a writer
but not a fighter,
Destined for greatness he climbs his way up to the top of that pedestal,
the journey to fame and his destiny might be a tall order..but wither, shake
and fall..he never will..


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