Poetic State Of Mind


Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder,
In your eyes,I’ve found nothing but God’s favor
I met u @ a point of my life,full of despair,
traded pain for your life,u gave me a breath of fresh air
U showed me the reason to live,the strength of fighting,
holding onto whats not to give
Money had I none,but u stood 4 love cos you’d set that as
priority number 1,n d outcome..,an unquestionable love that
shines brighter than a ray of the sun,
Come,today with me 2 a place,
place full of chocolates n a dozen heart shapes,
Where the passion of love is stronger than anything u ever
dreamt of
where nights are full of fire,n love grows in a strong burning
Where dreams are transformed to reality,
where love endures entirely
Yesterday,when I said I liked u,it meant nothing at all,
Today,when I say I love u,it means u mean to world to me n
so much more,
A toast to u,the angel of my heart
Lets love today,
That we’ll never be apart
Come what may,we’ll 4eva remember this day,
Love we truthfully celebrate,
Endlessly on this Valentines Day..xxx


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