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When The Curtains Close..

The final days of a sick person are normally the most crucial days in that person’s life. At that moment, your whole life plays back in your brain like a VHS recorder. What hurts even more is when you realize that you were unable to find and or live the purpose for which you were put on here for. The sudden realization that you’re at the finish line of the race but not in 1st place and the Lord’s calling it a day on your life. Death is inevitable and we’re definitely going to go through it but the question is, “Have I Done Enough?” This is probably the hardest, most honest and truthful question that any individual can ask him or herself. Some try to avoid it; others also try to shrug it away by quickly shifting onto another subject. The life cycle as we know starts with birth and ends with death but the most significant part of the cycle itself is fulfilling the dreams, aspirations and God directed goals that fall in between the growth process or the main stages of the life cycle. Too many people die at a young stage these days with reasons being attributed to either their own reckless actions or unexplained or undefined phenomenon’s. For those that die at a later stage or a much fully grown stage, theirs’ is always attributed to old age which is basically as a result of the body’s inability to continue functioning at 100% efficiency. The truth here is that, everyone is bound to reach that stage and some fall off way before that but life has been about the beginning and although most people attribute it to the end, it’s never been totally about the end either. It’s about the impact you make NOW and that’s just the way it is basically. What is your given purpose? Ask yourself this and be true to yourself about it. This life we are living is just a moment, a sudden blink and in a flash before you know it, we’ll all be gone. People live this world full of no regrets because of what they feel they have achieved. I guess it’s no surprise that some people when at death’s end ask their families not to grief or be full of pain but celebrate a life worth giving praise and emulating. They wear white rather than black in that regard and normally have celebratory rather than grieving ceremonies. You must strive to make that impact NOW and work towards the purpose you’re on here for. Put in all your maximum effort and let the passion within you drive you endlessly towards making that purpose complete. The most important thing to note here is that many obstacles may cause you to either lose track or confidence in what you’re living for and in effect might cause you to backslide, forgetting about what’s dear to your heart and focusing all your energy on items and issues that would not provide you any comfort or sense of satisfaction. Human beings are one major obstacle in this regard and as much as you may want to depend on a number of them to attain that purpose, you must remember that not everyone in your friendship circle can guarantee you that significant contribution on your way to discovering and making your purpose a reality. Life is an orchestra, and we are the musicians. The decisions we make are the tunes that are played and how we play the notes will determine whether we’ll make a harmonious composition or a discordant composition. At the end of the day when the curtains close on your life, there is one question that should ring in our heads. “Has My Purpose Fulfilled?”


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