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The Limited Resources Concept…

Making the best out of limited resources; Working with limited resources is probably sometimes, the most frustrating thing that you have to deal with in this present age. Ideas are limited in terms of processing them in reality but all in not lost. To every problem there is a solution and likewise to every limited resource, there is a way to lobby around an idea with it. There is a simple rule that must be observed when working with limited resources. This is the rule of ADJUSTMENT! You must be able to adjust to every idea that you have regardless of the limited resource that you possess. Careful and steady analysis of the present situation at hand should enable you to work within the limited resources that you have. Most of the time, people fail to make these analysis and therefore before they can even make an effort to process the idea, they may have conceded to defeat. Examples of this situation vary from business proposals or plans to even the classroom or project work assignments. One must take notice of the fact that having limited resources is better than not having any at all and as such when provided or when met with these resources, you must make the most out of them. Try to expand but at the same time be flexible when using them. Look for the least but most important areas within that idea that may propel it onto a bigger platform and make provisions for future works. Another rule that must be observed when working with limited resources is that of PATIENCE. It must be noted that Roman certainly wasn’t built in a day; likewise an idea cannot be fully processed in a day either. Therefore it is very advisable that you work with patience when trying to bring that idea to life. You must be aware that you’re working with limited resources and as such, there’s the most certain likelihood that all will not be complete. If anything the crucial aspects may be brought into life and that is the only requirement you’ll ever need to complete the process fully. Panicking or making rash decisions will only cause your downfall and in some cases, building from scratch is probably the hardest rather than simplest even when you have the concept well developed. To be brief, the point I’m trying to make here is quite simple. Adjust your limited resources and be patient about accomplishing that idea, plan or goal you have. Like a jigsaw puzzle, work intricately and you will realize that half way through, the rest of pieces will fall in…


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