Poetic State Of Mind


Reflections through my past,
They pass me by like sand through an hour glass,
What stares hard in the face,
Is the image of a man who once used to give up a good race,
I stand in the hall of rejection,
My hearts been fondled with lies and deception,
I failed to open my eyes to what was genuine,
I kept on blaming 06/06 for what seemed a heart ruined,
(SIGH..)A PAUSE!..WAIT!..I can’t be a quitter..they never win,
Injected with a breath of fresh air..2day i bid farewell to my sins,
Inspired by hope and rejuvenated with peace,
I stand here today as man ready to love with ease,
Awaken from my slumber..I realize the time is now,
For seconds and minutes,days and month..I’ve been in the throne of
insecurity..it’s time to take its bow,
Its now or never..my heart has passed the test,
The pain barrier has between put through its lapses..for her love..my hearts
now set,
I hope she’s near…I’m over the fear,
i wanna b here..I’m ready to take her hand and wipe her every tear,
For her love rhythm echos through my soul,
Once used to withstand reluctant to let go..my ego’s willing to let her have control,
And so..love..these are my words..these are my commitments,
I shed a tear as I write this..but i deserve no sentiments,
I’m willing to put the past behind,
I’m ready to give her my heart, and dedicate to her my time and my mind,
To look lustfully at her fellow sister..I beg to differ,
She’s the one I’m ready to conceive with..my mind’s made up..there ain’t no need
to reconsider,
I love her today not for what her outer perimeter boasts of,
For beauty is found within the heart..and within that heart is a love that
compared to her body is so tough,
Through thick and thin..I’m prepared to spend the joy and hardships till the end,
The pain and the glory..what faith may have it as unfulfillable..our love will surely
straighten its bend,
To the one I love..to me you’re more than just a question mark,
you’re an asterisk..the missing piece to my jigsaw heart,
To the one I love..I’ve grown from the boy into the man that’s ready to give it all,
Today I’m ready to spread my wings..soar high above..but to catch you so you never fall…


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