Suave 24/7 - 365


It’s nice to see people that you grow up with or went to school with making positive strides in their life. It’s a wonderful feeling because you feel so lucky to have known such individuals and in the circumstances of where they are at right about now, all you can do is to give your 100% support behind their backs. Life is a journey, a long one for those who tread it cautiously and unfortunately a short one for those who live it recklessly but the question is where do you see your life going in the next couple of years? This is a pretty broad question but yet can be answered in the simplest of ways. That is, if you know what you’re about. A classmate of mine is currently part of a reality contest show named “Stars Of The Future” and it’s funny because casting my mind back to our senior high school days he had shared that vision and dream of one day wanting to be in the show and showing to the world his talent of singing. His belief is what has got him to where he is and not by any strange or lucky faith. Again, many of us fail to find that extra wing that drives us on to believing that we can achieve our passions, goals and dreams and the end results of that lack of belief is being stuck in the same phase of our life not knowing whether there is any hope or future out there. Time waits for no man, however PATIENCE is a virtue. This means that although the years might be slipping by fast, we must seize the moment and while it may be a moment that brings about significant impact on our lives, we must remember that it will take time to propel onto the heights that we expect our lives to be pushed on to. Joy certainly comes to those who wait, therefore while you make your decision on where you want to be in the next couple of years and what you actually want to do, you must come to terms of the fact that you will face challenges, stumbling blocks, people who would rather see you give up at the onset rather than give you a push onto the next level and so on and so forth. All that matters is that you have that BELIEF! It goes without saying that, you have never experienced life without defeats and in every defeat; there is a valuable golden lesson to be learnt. How true that is and so when defeat stares at you hard in the face and pulls you down, be quick to get back onto your feet. It’s the lesson of that defeat that brings out the best in you and makes you a much stronger and aware of your surroundings and nature. God Light Direction; He is the Maker and Ruler of the earth. He is the reason you’re here on earth and He is the one who makes the impossible possible and much more comfortable. So what? So allow His light to guide you on your way to living that dream. What you dream about is just a blueprint. He is the architect to make that dream come true and unless you put your trust and faith in Him, your dream will be nothing but a blueprint.

What has to be said has been said. Know where you want to go and who you want to be and remember that in life, anything, ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING, is possible when you have BELIEF!!!


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