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The Simple Things (That Guys Must Know)…

Love is a beautiful thing; it’s pure and even sweeter when it comes from within. However, love is really not about the expensive cars, the trips to Vegas, big weddings with confetti, no, it’s the little but simple things that make love appreciated. These simple things are prerequisites that every guy and girl needs to know and have. Below are the lists of simple things that must be known and done for love to be appreciated by the woman.

  • Learn to open the door for her when she’s about to get in or out of the car.
  • Don’t wait for occasions like birthdays or Valentine’s Day to tell and show her how much you love her…
  • Don’t wait for her to put on makeup or get a stylish hair-do before you tell her that she looks beautiful or gorgeous…It’s a well known fact that if you want to see how beautiful your woman or girl is, look at her when she wakes up in the morning. Natural beauty RULES!
  • Spend much time with her, even it means killing certain meetings or hang-out times with the boys. Note here that, women hate to feel lonely although they have a significant other. I’m not saying that always be with her, although there’s nothing wrong with it, but let her be your PRIORITY! Let the woman come 1st.
  • Give her the freedom and space she needs. Women desire to feel secured but not over protected where all of a sudden her every step becomes questioned. Allow her to feel like “Oh, he’s protective of me but allows me to express myself however I want to” Remember you would also love to hang out with your guys and all. One good favor will deserve another in return.
  • Let her worries be your worries. The essence of you being around her is to make her feel secured and loved. Thus, when she has a problem, as her man, you need to stand up to the plate and help her overcome that problem by any means necessary.
  • If she hasn’t demanded for much, don’t try too hard to impress her. Yes, you may buy her gifts but the real essence of buying her the gift is to show her how much you love her. Thus, whether big or small, the gift must signify that intent. You don’t have to spend much on a gift for her if it’s the only reason you’re buying it is to show your wealth.
  • Love her unconditionally. For whom she is. If your intent of being with her is not love then you should not be with her but once you have made intentions known and declared your true feelings for her, you are obliged to play your part. It takes two to tango and it takes water and light to make a seed grow.
  • Respect her as a woman. She may take certain decisions that are not always the best but for whatever decisions she may take respect her for it. Not many women are confident and bold enough to stand up and make decisions on their own, so respect the fact she’s able to.
  • Be yourself. This normally applies to both parties but to guys most importantly. This is the easiest way to fall off the wheels of love. Being someone or something you’re not is not the best way to go about loving somebody. Many marriages fail for this reason because before vows were exchanged, he was the perfect guy. You have to approach love with your actual self. Women will always love you as who you are not who you come as.

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