Poetic State Of Mind

Dream Shattered…

I met her on the streets of Brazil,
Her glowing body @ a sight just gave me the chills,
Her hair..so long,golden n curly,
Her eyes..so seductive,shiny n dreamy,
I swallowed spit just by the way she moved her hips,
she blew my mind totally as she licked her sweet-tendered lips,
with my mind set on the prize i proceeded to approach her,
human traffic distraction..only 2 realize she wasn’t there,
Looked 2 my left..no where to find,
Looked 2 my right..was a waste of time,
Drove around the streets of Sao Paulo,
Thinking of how foolish i was 2 let this angel go,
Back 2 my apartment..a backache n migraine..turned on the t.v. 2
watch some news,
Flipped 2 Channel 212..n there she was on a show giving reviews,
I turned off the TV got back in my car,
All i could think of is getting close..tho location was far,
Speeding @ 180..switching lanes,
I had to meet her now or I’d go insane,
She played with my thoughts..as my heart skipped a beat,
Desperation settling in..n i was so eager 2 have us meet,
Got to the station..sirens blowing..
Large crowd gathered..i ask myself..what is this that I’m not knowing,
Drew closer 2 the crowd 2 see what had appeared,
Heard screams of cry..people all over were in fear,
Squeezed my body through the lot,
Low n behold..the girl of my dreams dead..who would have thought?….


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