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The Simple Things (That Girls Must Know)…

This is part two of the simple things that must be known and done for love to be appreciated by both sexes. In my last blog I touched down on those simple things that guys must know. Today it’s the turn of the ladies. Yes, as much as you love to be pampered, made to feel special and appreciated by your men or by any man at all please bear in mind that we guys also deserve to be treated the same way. Love is a reciprocal thing and needs cooperation for it to work out perfectly. Below are the lists of simple things that must be known and done for love to be appreciated by the woman.

  • Appreciate the effort he puts in trying to make you happy. He might not be perfect but being a man that he is, he will try his utmost effort to be one.
  • Accept him for who he is and know that if his attitude is questionable, you’re the closest one who can change him. This is quite self explanatory. Some guys find it hard to desist from certain attitudes and habits. Some can be lived with but for the ones that can’t or are potential hazards to his life know that change can only occur with you being around. It’s a fact that most guys when they find love cherish the women they find it with and with that, they seem to be the only one who can reach and reason with them.
  • Don’t judge a book by its cover. It’s OK to get jealous of your man if he sees another female who he might have only friendship ties with and decides to show her love but ladies please, don’t rush into conclusions. This rule applies to both sexes but if there is anything that I know and probably seen about women, then it’s the fact that jealousy and envy runs through the blood quicker than lightning. If you can’t trust your man at this simple juncture then you can never trust him in the long run meaning you shouldn’t be with him in the first place.
  • He is not superman. Yes you call him your super hero because you feel safe in his company and arms but you have to understand that he’s also a regular human being just as you are. He can’t always be there when you need him although he should but for those exceptional times that he isn’t there with you, bear with him.
  • Be his second pillar of strength. Times will surely get hard at some point and he will need you the most during those testing periods. They’re periods where your love and support is all he needs. Don’t keep your distance and make yourself extra busy, find time to be with him because in actual sense, he would do the same if you found yourself in the similar situation.
  • All men are not the same. The fact that you’ve been hurt before or so many times by different men does not mean you need to feel threatened or push away one who finds you as his love interest. All men are certainly not the same and this perception is one that seems to echoed and carried onto one generation from the other. Yes you have to be alert of the situation but pushing him away is only going to do you no good because a good one might come along the way and you might just ask him to take the hike only to realize in the long run that he was “The One”. They say the beautiful ones are yet to be born. I say the sweet ones are yet to be found.
  • Accept him for what he has. He might not have a flashy car or be a filthy rich kid but I’ll tell you what he has. A big heart and it’s that heart where his love for you is found. Realize that some guys would go to the extent of stealing to make you happy but know that all the riches in the world cannot replace the value of love. It’s priceless.

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