Poetic State Of Mind

I Am He…

This is my passion..this is my life,
The reason I sweat blood and drip tears day and night,
Searching for a remedy to my incurable disease,
Joy seems instinct..hate is all I feel..smiles are full of greed,
I seek perfection from within my soul,
Trapped in the soles of my aggression..my aura is error prone,
The ink from my pen cuts through these sheets,
Wisdom..speaks tangibly to bitter hearts and knocks their pride
off their feet,
Encapsulated thoughts..bottled up with a heavy dose of pain,
I struggle to lose consciousness..of this state..when will I refrain?
Ha! Not now..maybe never,
I want this feeling in my DNA till the Lord pulls out my cords and
darkens my weather,
My sleep is filled with memories of defeat,
I yearn for more nightmares..for dreams are nothing but fantasies
that I hardly meet,
I’m living out my passion to make my own history,
Writing my own success..with a black man’s mentality..what the hell
is a degree?
Humble as the wind..but harder than waves of the fiercest sea,
I aim to reach the sky but obstacles stand in my way so I fly like a
butterfly and sting like a bee,
I believe in the man that stands before me in the mirror..my image,
My forefathers may have projected a calamity but brevity is instilled
in me so my hearts tougher than concrete,
Blessed with grace within my faith and dressed with hope,
In the Lord I trust so my enemies walk on a tight rope,
I live because it was written in heaven, cc’d to hell and fwd’d to my mother’s womb
that I am destined to be,
The epitome of greatness..the torso that needs more than just
a bullet to bleed…I AM HE!!!


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