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Palm Sunday…

Sunday 17th April, 2011..Today is a joyful day in the lives of every Christian living. Today’s Palm Sunday, the day our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ made his joyful entry into Jerusalem..I’ve always wondered why He made the entry today and had to die for our sins 5days later? Then again, some questions need not be asked cos everything happens for a reason..
I just got out of church and seeing those kids who came in to the church hall with their palm branches singing “Hosanna” just made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. I was once like them. Haha! I remember the days of kindergarten,grade school and junior high when we were asked to bring in Palm branches and it was more of a “whose Palm branches were best looking”. *SIGH* Oh those youthful, less knowledge acquired days. Fast forward to the present day and we have now got a better meaning and understanding of the day. There’s much significance to the day than just singing the “Hosanna” song and waving palm branches. From a Christian perspective, this was all part of God’s plan to give us a second chance to restore our souls and turn over to His side. It was all planned out and planned to follow a chronic pattern. The entry, the last supper, the betrayal, the death, the resurrection..One would ask though, what would have happened if one of the plans fell out? My guess is, we wouldn’t be on earth now would we? Let’s appreciate the significance of the pattern and respond to changing for the better..Happy Palm Sunday everyone!


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