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Kill The Anger Before You Kill Yourself…

Good Morning…There comes a time when you get offended by the actions or verbally by someone or some people. Reflex actions may sometimes blow the situation fully out of proportion and the worst always tends to appear. No one can confidently tell me that he or she haven’t got mad @ someone or some people for a situation that really could have been handled in a proper, matured way. The problem is not with controlling the anger because in actual sense, Anger is a reflex action which occurs as a result of negative emotions, or interaction. It is however dealing with the situation such that your anger comes in briefly and then fades away. The act of keeping excessive anger within you medically speaking is not healthy. Most heart attacks and strokes are caused by this feeling. As well as it not being healthy, the Spirit is not @ peace with the mind, body and soul. It may build up to a point where enmity becomes the order of the day and one that overshadows the lesson of reasoning and understanding. The best way to avoid all these dramas over minuscule situations is by resorting to courtesy. For every insult or verbal abuse, note that an act of saying “Thank U” is powerful enough to leave the offender with less words to say. It might sound ridiculous but trust me, it works. Where reasoning fails, courtesy wins. Call it the sucker punch or the last words. However heated the argument maybe, those two words can nullify any or all forms of attack that the offender may want to continue to add. Its better to leave a situation that weighs less significant to rest than to prolong it into one that just causes a lot of stress.*


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